Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Today..I'm for Cats!

good afternoon!

after having a little rave..
{ok..a full post rave!}
about my funny georgeous max,
i had no space to tell you about the cats.

my friend debbie
{who sent me the delicious cherry cushion
that ended up very much cherished by an elderly lady in kandanga!}
answered my feeble plea for help
regarding cushion covers for nanango school...

she sent me these lovely panels to make up,
which i duly did...

the fabric was quite fine
so i lined them with calico to give them a bit of body
and machine quilted along the straight lines
as well as one of the cats on each cushion.

the black

very black!
with black buttons that you really can't see in this pic...
you'll have to see by faith!

the backs were made from black garberdine
courtesy of my p!

he gave me some money a couple of years ago
and asked me to buy him some black fabric.
it was to upholster the bases of his car seats...
well eventually i think he bought brand new seats for his car!
so mum ended up with the fabric
and finally it's being put to good

personally..i think
they are too fancy for kids to put on the floor of a classroom
so if debbie is alright with the idea
i will ask jenny to give them to a cat lover
who has been flood affected in theodore.

fortunately there are a couple of kid's covers coming soon
so we'll make our quota shortly!

what do you think deb?
is it ok with you?

thank you so much for sending the fabric panels!

well..i have covered cats and dogs now...
i have passed on all your birthday wishes to max
and all those compliments have gone straight to his head...
he's the proudest dog in the house now.

never mind
ellie and kara will soon have him back to normal in a jiffy!

have a wonderful wednesday
say 'hi' to your pet for me!

naturally Carol xox


  1. as per usual Carol stunning cushions

  2. Gotta give the kitties equal time. What gorgeous work on those pillows. My little Pearl sends her ♥ ...and me too!

  3. Hi Carol, The cushions look amazing. You have done a great job. How do you get the time to be so creative on a daily basis? I agree that they are too pretty for a grubby schoolroom floor. Feel free to pass them on to a catlover who will give them the love they deserve.
    Love Debbie

  4. Thanks glad you liked them. I just do a little each day, sometimes I start early and get a couple of hours in before nine or ten, or do a couple of hours in the evening. I don't have any little kids around at the moment either!

  5. Ah the little kiddies would love those pussy cats. As long as they go to a good home! Charmaine

  6. They do look like very fancy cushion covers but sometimes I think its nice for kids to have something a bit nicer than the usual in their lives. Something to respect and look after. You did a gorgeous job and I love that the backs were meant to be car seat covers.

  7. They just look fantastic ! They would definately be perrrrfect for a cat lover! X

  8. Love the cats, and love that you quilted around one cat on each panel... cute idea. I'm sure these will be loved by whoever receives them.


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