Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All About Cats & Dogs!

or should i say...dogs & cats
'cos firstly
it's max's birthday!

happy 2nd birthday max puppy!

my friend elizabeth's dog had 6 puppies
2 white ones and 4 black ones.
i didn't want any of them
'cos i already had a little black dog..ellie.

then one night when her puppies were nearly six weeks old,
i had a dream one night.
i dreamed that one little white puppy was mine to look after.

i went over to elizabeth's house and looked at her puppies again.
i wanted max's sister, i thought she was cute
and i had heard females were better at housetraining etc.

that very day, max's little sister got sick.
elizabeth took her to the vet.
there was nothing the vet could do...
and very sadly, she died.

max was the only white puppy left.

as you can see from this photo...
he's not photogenic!!! lol

but he's a loyal dog with a beautiful heart...
he's playful and patient,
forgiving and friendly.

he loves his food a bit too much
and the only thing that gets to him
is hunger...
watch out if he's really hungry
he'll snap at ellie and defend every mouthful!

just like all the other men around here...
watch out if they've got hungry bellies!
they growl!

i love max to bits
and have enjoyed him every day since getting him...
despite his messes
and fur and slobber!

my beautiful 2 year old!

the cats will have to wait 'til tomorrow..hehe..
i didn't think i was going to rave quite so much about the dog...lol

naturally Carol xox


  1. what a handsome dog you are Max.

  2. Happy Birthday Max!

    What a sad story about his little sister...Nice to hear you raving about your sweet dog, they make great friends don't they?

    Gill xo

  3. Happy Birthday Max! Looks like he's having a great home when his ladyboss raves so nicely about him.

  4. What a gorgeous dog! We adore Doggies, such wonderful loyal companions.

    Happy Birthday Max!

  5. Woooof -ity- wooof Max! (Happy birthday!) x

  6. love a good rave about loyal pals!! So sweet - happy birthday to your furry friend :-)

  7. Max looks like such a fun dog ... Happpy Birthday Max. I hope he got himself a special birthday dinner!

  8. Happy Birthday Max! He's a cutie.

  9. Oh he looks gorgeous, it was obviously meant to be that he came to live with you. Aren't we all nuts about our animals? You should see the attention our two kittens get, they're spoiled rotten!

  10. Happy Birthday Max! What a cute smile. x

  11. Happy Birthday Max!! What a sweet looking dog....I want one!!

  12. Happy Birthday Max! I love how he looks like he's smiling in the first pic! hes very handsome!

  13. Max is a handsome dog indeed...hope he had a happy day!

  14. Hello Max and Happy Birthday to you! I wish I could share a meatcake with you! You look wonderful! Hugs from Nero

  15. Happy Birthday, Max! I think he's very photogenic. And I love that you had a dream about a puppy and then went and got one :)

  16. he is a gorgeous doggy!! what sort is he?

  17. Hi Carol, Oh, Sorry I missed Max's birthday on Tuesday. Sending late Birthday Wishes to Max. Max, I hope your 2nd birthday was delightful day. Big love and lots of tummy rubs from me to you Max! Such a handsome fella!!! Mwah. xOx Kerrie


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