Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Finding My Feet...

good morning!

last week's postings
came to an abrupt end
with the arrival of a box of computer parts from my son in taiwan.

mr s sent a whole heap of computer bits
which were intended for this computer and others in the household.
of course,
as soon as possible this computer was dismantled,
new hard drives and programmes were installed
and a whole host of other features were put in and taken out.

i feel i am no longer in familiar territory
and will have to relearn my way around here!

i can't find my photo editor...
so this pic of a poinciana that lives just across from me,
is totally unedited...

isn't this tree spectacular?

all over the city there are splashes of bright red
from these gorgeous poincianas,
most of them planted years and years ago.
some, like this one, take up the whole front or back yard.

as you can see
a misty rain has settled here
and temperatures are cool and wonderful,
very refreshing.

when i wrote last,
i had just applied for my passport
and mr p had just applied for his.

all of them have come back, mr w's, mine and mr p's...
i just have to find out how to retrieve my emails
and print out the e-tickets now!

i have no idea where they've got to...
so please excuse me while i go and look.

have a wonderful tuesday,
it's just the type of day here to visit blogs,
find my emails and go and get a dvd on dollar tuesday!

naturally Carol xox

ps..i've missed you all and can't wait to poke my nose in and find out what you've all been up to!


  1. Wow!! That IS a beautiful tree! Love the gorgeous color. ;-) Happy Tuesday. =)

  2. Hooray for so many good things happening for you Carol.
    This weather is the biggest blessing and I loved being able to sleep snuggled under the doona last night....we actually got an inch of rain for our tank and gardens which is a mighty blessing indeed.

    So happy that everything's coming together for your upcoming trip, once these 'little' things are out of the way you can focus on getting excited.

    Happy 'cooler' day,
    Felicity x

    PS: Aren't the poincianna's glorious? I'm thinking they make the perfect QLD Christmas trees.

  3. ooh i feel like going and getting a cheap thuesday DVD too now, maybe a christmas movie if I can find one. Have fun learning you way around the new comp. And those trees are stunning!

  4. Ooh what a spectacular tree...reminds me of our Pohutakawa trees back home, so festive :)

  5. That is a beautiful tree! I have never seen one before, thanks so much for sharing :) Have a beautiful day!

  6. Glad your passports arrived and hope you find those e-tickets!

    That tree is beautiful. It doesn't really need any editing, does it?! You are so lucky to have that view!

  7. You've finally got the passports! What a parlarva. It has reminded me that silly me let my own expire last May and will have to go through all this myself!

    Your across-the-road tree is a stunner! x

  8. Hi Carol! Wow what a Christmas tree! Your photo is great! I don't edit my photos and when I began my blog I was wondering how I can make the header with 3 photos. Then I saw word 'stitch' in my camera's program and thought perhaps it means sewing! With that I'm able to 'stitch' different photos together.
    Have a wonderful Christmas time!
    xxx Teje

  9. That tree is amazing! What a view to have :D Glad you're back x

  10. Wow, for not being able to find your way around too well, you've done a fabulous job with the post and photo Carol. The tree is divine, so incredibly festive for this time of year also. I imagine it would cast beautiful shade also, as well as a bright red carpet of petals... win win! Reminds me a little of the Jacaranda tree, but maybe even more full and striking.
    Pleased your passport situation is sorted :o) xo

  11. Carol,

    What a lovely sight! That tree is beautiful and all dressed out for Christmas. Love it.

    Hope you find your way through your computer...if it were me I would be lost for ever! Good luck.

    Have a wonderful day.

  12. oooh yes def enjoying that pic of the tree!!


  13. That tree is stunning Carol! I am glad your passports are sorted, just another step towards a big adventure! x

  14. You absence was noted!! It is lovely to see you back and what great news about your passports.

  15. Great photo of a magnificent tree Carol! In the background there are some interesting old buildings by the look of it...and some lovely old Queenslanders too in the street around it. Ages ago you posted some photos of your town on a Sunday and there were some lovely old buildings in that too :-)


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