Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chilli for Dinner...

good evening!

due to my computer growing a mind of it's own
being extremely non-conformist
i've been relegated to noncomputerlike tasks
for the last few days...

one of those glitches
includes not being able to upload many photos
so dinner was the picture of the moment tonight.

i'm thinking,
at least it was a delicious
chilli con carne
with a few bits of salad,
put together by mr m
i got to enjoy a night off!

cucumber is actually delicious with chilli..who knew?

the chilli was left over from last night...
but i don't mind having it twice
'cos it's always even better the second day
...don't you find?

we have a fair bit on our plates at the moment...
we're trying to get things together for our trip to taiwan
in only two and a bit weeks,
there are some family matters to sort throught as well...
having kids, there is never a dull moment.

well, i'm back again
after another 'crash dump' and restart...

i wanted to take a couple of pics
of some little bits of sewing
but ran out of daylight
so hopefully...computer withstanding...
i'll get it together tomorrow.

have a lovely day or evening!

naturally Carol xox


  1. Chili (like soups and stews) is indeed better the next day and raita (made from cucumbers and yoghurt) is used to cool the mouth after spicy indian food so makes sense :]

  2. Someone else's food always looks so good! I agree that chilli most definitely tastes much better having been left to stew a bit. Now I'm hungry!
    Hope your computer troubles are sorted soon.

  3. We haven't had chilli for ages but we both love it... what's that all about!? x

  4. What's not to love about chilli especially when made for you?!!

    Hope those computer issues are resolved soon, Carol. That sounds really frustrating.

  5. I haven't commented for a while but I'm still here, reading when I can. The chilli looks lovely - I could eat a plate of that right now. Have a lovely day!

  6. Chilli is a firm favourite here too. Hope you get those glitches sorted pronto :)

  7. I do hope you can get your computer sorted soon Carol, it must be so frustrating!

    I love chilli with cucumber :D

  8. Ooh yummy, haven't had chilli in years.

  9. Yummo Carol! Hope you sort out those computer issues. xx

  10. Just remember to breathe and enjoy the moment....and especially enjoy someone else cooking and then eating left overs xxx


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