Friday, December 9, 2011

Hot Fresh Scones!

good evening!

today was fun.
i got an order for a cushion
so packaged it up prettily and included a little extra heart
'cos it's Christmas.

then a friend called
and i went out to chatz cafe for a
'see you later' send off as another friend is leaving here
to go to bundaberg...a couple of hours up the road.
she wants to swim in the sea
and be reunited with her eldest daughter.
good on her!

so after having a delicious salmon portion
baked in pastry with a creamy dreamy dill sauce
accompanied by
roast veges
with dessert being a muggacino
with extra froth...

i decided that a simple dinner
of a couple of freshly baked scones
would do the job.

these quick scones
are made from a recipe off a flour packet
i make them much more than the traditional recipe now.

all you need is
3 cups of self raising flour
2/3 cup of icing sugar
to which you add
300 mls of pouring cream
100 mls of water.

stir quickly until in a lump,
put on a floured surface,
knead a couple of times to bring the mixture together.

pat out into a flattened lump..about 2 cms high,
carve up into even pieces
and put into an oven, 180 degrees centigrade.

{scone recipes always say a hot oven..220 degrees..i never do}

bake for exactly 12 minutes...

{this recipe said 15 mins or more..i always cook scones for exactly 12 mins and they turn out perfectly every time}

this is how they turned out...

and this is how they looked
on the plate...

they were nice and light

more rustic than fancy!

what wonders do you intend to bake over the weekend?
or not?

naturally Carol xox



  1. I *heart* scones...sighhhhhhhhh!

  2. Um, this sounds like the perfect dinner to me... thank you for bringing it to my attention that indeed scones are a meal in themselves :o) A beautiful day in your world Carol xo

  3. I love scones ... haven't made any for a while, but maybe this weekend (I have a gluten-free recipe that works quite well!) ......

  4. Mmmmmmm

    I love a good scone!

    Have a very lovely day!!!

  5. Scrummalicious!

    Waking to the rain this morning I'm thinking that these will be perfect to warm our hearts and souls this weekend.

    Biggest of happy hugs....going to tell the Gifts about our surprise trip to Sydney today - maybe over a warm scone or two!

  6. I love rustic Carol, how did you know? Be over in a minute- put the kettle on. xx

  7. Those look yummy! I hope to make some candy and cookies tomorrow with the daughters and Grandkids. Enjoy those.....I can smell them from here. Christmas Blessings!

  8. Oh Yum...I love the lemonade scone recipes...equally rustic and yummy....thanks for sharing another lovely way to cut and cook scones.

  9. Oh they look so yummy Carol..I love scone but they always turn out like rocks for me. Thank you for the Christmas heart, what a lovely surprise. I went to watch my granddaughter Shiarny receive her awards at church. Later we ate thick soup and buns. I enjoyed my time out. xxxx

  10. On you advice Carol I baked pear and chocolate cake with jaffa icing and made a train with a shop bought buttercake made up with berry bliss wheels smarty carriage tops whirling through afield of farm animals. It is now 2.14 am and I should go to bed to be up with birthday boy at 5.30. Much love and those scones look so scrumptuous.xx

  11. These look delicious, Carol! I love rustic style scones the most and this recipe looks yummy! Have a happy Sunday.
    Helen x

  12. This surely looks delightful, Carol. Have a blessed Sunday. And oh, thank you for the lovely comment on my last post. It made my day. Hugs from across the world.

  13. ooooh Carol, these look devine! We plan to spend our Sunday afternoon having a go at your scones.

    Thanks for sharing.


  14. Perfect ... I feel hungry now though ;D

  15. mmmm i LOVE scones!!!! they look so yummy!!

  16. We are a household that loves scones but it gets tiring rubbing the the butter loving the sound of how simple these ones are and we have all the ingredients, hmm scones for lunch me thinks :)

  17. those look delicious! I am might have to make some soon :)

  18. wow Carol! those scones look awesome! I don't know if mine would be as good if I tried it, but it looks simple enough! Happy New Year and God bless!


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