Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Hearts!

it's nearly bed time here...

i had a slow start to the day,
you know how it is
when it's a little cold
and sleep is interrupted,
then in the morning
it's just hard to get started.

then this afternoon
i went out for coffee with a friend, crystal,
it was a bit warmer
and the coffee perked me up.

then in the early evening mr m and i did a bit of grocery shopping.
of course it is getting late now,
but after my slow start
i'm fully awake now and don't need to sleep!

in a few minutes
i will drag this body to bed
so that tomorrow
i am not even more perversely affected
and end up staying up all night????

i recently thought
that instead of sending my local friends cards,
i would make hearts for them...
christmassy ones
that they could hang on their trees
or their door handles
or on their walls...
what ever.

these are quick and easy to make...
several can be made in a couple of hours
and are lots of fun too.

fussy cut the fronts...
you don't have to be as precise with the backs...
add a couple of vintage buttons to the centre,
they will disguise where the ribbon goes into the heart
where sometimes there will be
a little pucker
where the ribbon doesn't sit quite straight.

using zig zag stitching
around the outside of the heart
just gives it a bit of a tweaky look
finishes the edges nicely.

i've attempted a couple of mug rugs too
but i'm a bit of a novice
when it comes to the borders
i'm not entirely happy with the ones i've completed so far.

practice makes perfect
so they say...

if kootoyoo will have me
i'm joining in,
so come 'n see
what others are doing

and have a lovely day!

naturally Carol xox


  1. I have been admiring your heart making...i wonder if I have time to have a go for some pressies.xxxx Sleep well.

  2. Adorable Christmas hearts ... what a lovely idea, I'm sure your friends will really appreciate them :D

  3. thast so lovely Sweet!:O)

    Greatings send you Conny

  4. Very sweet idea and lovely hearts!

  5. fantastic idea Carol. They are adorable and look quite easy peasy. Hope you slept well. x

  6. cute!

    mountain mama

  7. What a lovely change to Christmas cards. Your friends are very lucky. xx

  8. The hearts in lieu of cards is a fab idea :)

  9. Good morning!
    Love your hearts, so charming and cosy. Soon I`m the one that need to do some grocery shopping, but I need to wait for the daylight to arrive. It`s snowing and it`s windy, so I wish I could stay i inside:)
    Wish you a wonderful weekend.
    All the best

  10. They're beautiful Carol and such a thoughtful idea for a Christmas keepsake... far better than a greeting card, as it can be reused forever :o)

  11. They are seo cute. I will hang mine in the Christmas tree. xxx

  12. Hello!
    I like them.
    They are lovely!!!
    They are perfect for Christmas.

  13. I love hearts. And if I were on your Christmas list, I would have been delighted to get this beautiful present. Your friends and family are very lucky indeed <3 <3 <3

  14. What a great Christmas gift! Your friends will think of you every year when they hang them on their tree or on their doors. Happy New Year, Carol!


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