Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Fern Grows!

hi there...

i've turned the christmas tree lights on this morning
for a bit of sparkle arkle
'cos it's kinda dark inside
with all the rain and gloomy weather outside.

i took this pic
to show you how much those little ferny fronds
have grown in a couple of weeks...

this fern is amazing.
it grows on the stump of an old mango tree
that we had to cut down to make way for a driveway
just after we moved into this house.

on one side of the stump is the fern
and on the other side is a flourishing staghorn..
they both just live off the decaying stump
which is sitting underneath the poinciana tree in the front yard.

this is what the fern looked like
just a few weeks prior to these new photos...

with the winter
and probably a lack of water
they had died right down
and in the pic above had just begun to sprout new growth.
those young fronds are just unfurling.

you can even see a little of the staghorn in amongst them.

i was only thinking this morning
that nature is just full of the miraculous...
and i think seeds are one of them.

what do you consider
as a miracle of nature?

mr t is off to get mr m from brisbane,
he's coming home for a while...
kara is outside at the moment,
unaware of the surprise that awaits her doggy psyche.
she'll be wagging her tail with delight
later today.

by the way...
now we are having problems
with the internet connection
and can't seem to access certain blogsites...

maybe it's the weather???

hopefully it will right itself.

i've got a little christmas crafting to share tomorrow,
nothing very earth shaking
but hopefully i can access my editing stuff
and trim a few dead corners off the photos!

another cosy day...
perfect for a bit of sewing!
i hope your day is perfect for doing what you want to too.

naturally Carol xox


  1. Cosy is the perfect description - I know we were begging for the rain to fill our tanks but now I must admit I'm getting a little worried that we'll get a repeat performance of last can tell what kind of mood I'm in right?

    Your fern is remarkable and as for seeds I'm with you on that one.

    Something that I'm enjoying blooming are the frontal nodes in the eldest Gifts brain. Her capacity to reason and see things in a more logical way have resulted in the most amazing conversations lately - three cheers!

    Happy, cosy day Lovely.

  2. .....did I write nodes?
    Meant lobes - need to have a rest!

  3. Three cheers from here too on your eldest Gift's lobal progress!

  4. That fern is so lush! It will love this wet weather! It is a great day for sewing! X

  5. Your fern and staghorn look wonderful.Has been the wettest spring here in Tassie for some years and I am enjoying all our lush greenery too. Usually by this time of the year (even in Tas) I am watering (if allowed!) to make sure the garden doesn't dry out and wither before Christmas. At the moment the grass is still green and visibly growing and the flowers and shrubs are going berserk! They're loving the combination of warming weather and ample rain :)

    Good luck with your IT woes!

  6. I love ferns, personally I think they are under rated. They look so nice with bromeliads

  7. Carol, i know the frustration!! computers are so great when they all work like they are supposed to, but when they dont!!! ugh!! so annoying!!!
    Little seeds are definently miracles for sure.. so many things i think of also... rainbows... flowers, most of all, my babies! i also think that the emotion of Love is a miracle. thats the thing that sets us so apart from other animals... lots of love to you! Laura xxxx

  8. Hi Carol

    Lot's of rain today eh what! Coldest day in Brissy in 123 years according to news reports!

    Would love for you to join in my online biccie/cookie exchange :]



  9. I do love the peeks into Australian gardens that my blog reading provides ... I know you struggle more with weather extremes than we do in the UK, but your compensation seems to be some truly amazing plants!

  10. Fern on of my my favourite plant... but never ever I can grow them as house plant but right now out in my garden I have a very healthy one.... your looks so beautiful... Ferns are my love...
    Happy if you come to see me at
    with love from

  11. Ferns are amazing in this country, some of the largest, most lush ferns I've seen were in Tasmania and far Nth Qld. We just have the right conditions and fertile soil to keep them flourishing. They're beautiful!
    Definitely an indoor activity day today... and we had the Chrissy lights on early too, need something to brighten through the grey. Look forward to seeing your Christmas craft Carol xo

  12. Hasn't it been a cold day today, where is summer? I do like it though because I love sitting inside crafting away:) Your garden is looking so beautiful and lush after all the rain, it has been nice. Have a lovely Thursday. x

  13. Your fern is beautiful. I consider all of nature to be a miracle. Hope you get your computer/internet woes worked out soon.

  14. Hi Carol,
    Lovely fern!
    I've taken quite a liking to the colour green lately.
    Happy Saturday :)
    Grace to you.
    With love and care from Kerrie. xoxo


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