Monday, September 3, 2012


{yes, it is me here}
it's spring...
it's time for a change.
seasons change,
even the seasons in your life.
i don't even feel as if i am exactly the same person
who anticipated last summer with a blog that
spoke of beach and sand and waves...
but i don't even know what this season will bring feels fresh though!
as fresh as these big hearted cabbages
and spring rain.
in taiwan i was so impressed by market gardens
that were squeezed into every available place in the city
and in the country...
often we would have piles of crispy, crunchy green leaves
to dip into aromatic broths...
to cook and then to savour..deliciously fresh!
on the weekend i went to
a 'for her'...
what's that?
it's a mini conference for women.
this one was on a saturday.
we enjoyed the wisdom of a phsyciatrist
as she explained
some of the workings of the brain and making
new thought pathways,
a journey to overcoming depressing thoughts
and nonproductive habits.
after lunches of chicken salad, strawberries & apricot slice
served in aqua paper bags,
we taste tested the delights of annette sym's
book 6...
'too good to be true'.
she encouraged us too,
to eat wisely and healthily
and shared her journey
to well being.
was church
and a shared lunch
father's day
mr m gifted a big brekkie,
clean gutters, trimmed trees
and a vaccuumed house to his dad...a fab kid, this one!
mr p and mr t helped as well...they're fab too..
and swept paths and tidied the yard.
your next season
is fresh, sweet and bright!
naturally Carol xox


  1. Your conference sounded interesting.
    Happy change of season x

  2. What a lovely weekend Carol. That conference sounded so amazing. Uplifting and inspirational. Such a great idea for us ladies. Loving your new look, it certainly DOES look fresh and pretty, hooray for glorious Spring xo

  3. Love the new spring look for your blog! And aren't my nephews wonderful!! :)...a great fathers day gift. love Jillxx

  4. Beautiful flowers in your header Carol - love them :)

  5. Sounds like you had a great weekend, Carol! Love your new blog look - very fresh.

  6. So lovely to get a glimpse of your wonderful time in Taiwan. Cheers, Carol xx

  7. I love changing seasons. Its like changing our clothes. We're always trying to adapt and be comfortable with it.
    Shellac Perth

  8. Hello Carol:
    Spring is the most exciting of seasons. All the promise of the year to come and one can positively feel the energy of Nature. Change is so refreshing and this is surely the time of year in the Southern Hemisphere when change seems exactly the right thing to do. With so many young people around you, we should imagine that change is constant!

    We have found your most delightful blog quite by chance and have very much enjoyed our visit. We have signed as Followers to stay in touch with your adventures!

  9. We are embracing change at the moment with a few new things on the horizone. That conference sounds amazing Carol. Changing thought patterns and habits was something I learnt through my therapy with PND.
    Really liking the new look of your blog :)

  10. hi carol,

    I noticed you have a new header. really nice and fresh looking. Loving that flower too!

    You are right, changes are good for us.

  11. Ooh, loving your little Spring clean here, Carol! So perfectly fresh and clean - bravo! J x


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