Thursday, September 13, 2012

Summer Blue!

good morning to you!
like all good foggy mornings
soon a patch of blue was forming
right over us.
i've been sewing another bag,
this one's for me
'cos i'm preparing for summer blue
golden yellow...
pegged by lime birds...
onto the banksia tree.
there are less words and more pictures today
as i'm a bit fuzzy-headed this week.
i'm doing more blog reading than writing this week,
thank goodness
that blog posts are short & sweet compared to books...
'cos i've read about two pages of a book
before i end up asleep!

here we are looking forward to summer blue
perhaps where you are there are sweet memories of summer blue...
but whereever you are
i'm wishing you happiness!
naturally Carol xox

 p.s...i know i said that bag no.1 was for me..but i gave it to my mum in n.z! i don't think i was thinking i would love to make so many  more at that stage. i will show you the one i made for my sister next...and i'm half way through one for my brother's partner for christmas.


  1. Such a cute bag Carol! I love that colour combo together. And looks like a great handy size too. I love summer and blue. This week has started foggy and overcast then brightened to blue each day here in Sydney (except for today). I've parked my car outside this afternoon in the hope that it rains and it washes it - car is filthy!
    Have a great sunshiny day,

  2. You are a generous girl, I'm sure your Mum loved it! I love the colour of that watering can too.

  3. Your bag is so cute! I'm not good at sewing at all, unfortunately.
    Thanks for your kind comment on my post about my daddy. Part three will be next Wednesday.

  4. Blue & yellow is such a refreshing colour combo, and how sweet of you to send this bag off to your mum. Take care x

  5. Such a lovely bag! And such a cheery post which has sent my tapdancing away in my head. After an autumnal day yesterday the day has dawned sunny and radiant here in France.


  6. Hi Carol,
    Great bag!Love the colors and the lime birds are so sweet.So cute the watering can. Here in Portugal it's still Summer too hot, only at 23 Setember will begin Autumm.
    Have a wonderful day!

    Hugs from Portugal
    Ana Love Craft

  7. That is a great bag! I'm really liking blue and yellow lately. Thanks for posting on my blog from the Yarn Along...I don't get alot of comments...quite a few relatives read, but no comments kind of un-motivates me to write lately...and busy-ness!! We, in western NY state are also gearing up for fall and winter and my present knitting project is one I've been working on casually since spring or so... but I've had quilts to build! and one on the machine now coming together and another in a basket when that one is done...and then some aprons that need sewed..
    Keep on writin, please... :o)

  8. our garden is all blue and yellow at the moment. it looks beautiful together

  9. Another lovely bag Carol, blue & yellow are such beautiful happy colours for Summer...& I love your lime bird pegs! xo

  10. Oh what a beautiful bag, Carol! I love the colors, too and you Mom surely loved it! I have not sewn anything for a while, I must sew something this weekend! :)
    Hugs to you,

  11. Hehe, you are hoping for summer, and I just want it to end here in Hong Kong!

    Love the fabrics your chose together, they are so happy and summery.


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