Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday in Taipei!

good evening!
i've been sitting here a couple of hours now
just as well i can touch type
'cos it's been getting steadily darker
as i've sorted through some more of our taiwanese holiday snaps.
the dogs need attending to
dinner needs fixing
mr w will be making his daily call...
i have to talk to you first..haha!
today we're going to visit
the national museum of history
in taipei.
a tiny gazebo & pond near the front gate.
also near the gate
this branch is held up by a large rock!
look at how it's been trimmed over the years
leaving knobbly remains along the branches.
part of the elaborate front gate...just along from the tree.
the funny thing was
that we didn't see any history exhibits...
they were setting up a disney exhibition outside
with interactive installations
inside there were exhibitions of modern small sculptures...
very beautifully made,
vases that looked like pipes joined together,
not that i'm describing it well...
but it was nothing like what i have ever seen before.
very intriguing.
but i am getting ahead of myself
because after exploring the front of the building
we made our way
along an extremely narrow path beside this place
opened a wrought iron gate
went down two steps
into the botanical gardens.

in this enormous pond full of lotus plants
we found a kingfisher

we spent all morning walking around the gardens
they were fabulous...
but the pix will have to wait for another day...
'til next time!
naturally Carol xox


  1. Such lovely pics - I visited Taipei way (way!) back in 1988 and loved it. Thanks for invoking some happy memories with your story :-)

  2. I love the photos in this post Carol. I find it amazing how we all live so differently in this world of ours...

    Thank you for the information about tomatoes, that is very helpful. Mine grew really well once the hot weather went, right up until the first frost that rolled them...


  3. Gorgeous photos, I must get there one day. The kingfisher is just lovely and so nice to be still for a photo.

  4. I am really enjoying your series of photos from your holiday and showing us what it's like in other parts of the world. That photo of the kingfisher is beautiful. x

  5. Absolutely fascinating photos Carol:-)

  6. Oh what a beautiful King Fisher and that knobbly tree IS amazing. I'm always fascinated how trees grow and the things they grown over and under, just to make their way in this world. Gorgeous photos Carol, love your holiday instalments. Hope you were able to get back on track with the rest of your evening, so nice of you to put us all first :) xo

  7. Hello Carol:
    What an amazing experience brought to life by your well chosen images and description. And we cannot leave without remarking on the superb photograph of the kingfisher. Utterly captivating.

  8. Your pictures are beautiful and I'm amazed by your love for details. Thank you for sharing!

  9. What an interesting city, full of surprises! Loved the kingfisher too.

  10. Carol, Your pictures are beautiful! I love the one where the branch is held up by the enormous rock. What a sweet way to save the tree by nature itself.


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