Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Taiwanese Mountain Village...

good evening...
mr w is in hospital
his belly button hernia needed fixing...
we're still waiting,
it's ok,
i'm sure he'll be fine...
just makes the day a bit slow.
so while we're waiting
i'll show you some more of
on the way through
i noticed women washing at this place...
it was a lovely sunny day,
but we were on our way to somewhere else
so we couldn't stop to have a proper look.
but on the way back...
we got close up.
it was a wet day
which was wonderful
'cos nobody washes here on a rainy day.
i was intrigued to find
that the water was flowing swiftly
from up in the mountains
behind the marketplace.
aren't those big slabs of stone great
for beating the dirt out of your clothes?
we walked up the narrow lane...
that's little ella in the blue jacket
at a stall with her grandma and me...
there was plenty to buy and sample
but in the end
we settled for freshly made egg rolls
portuguese egg tarts..they were everywhere..
even kfc!
they were always extremely fresh and so scrumptious,
from tiny ones to deep and large.
{as it was mr p's birthday just after we arrived back in oz i did try and make some..but they just weren't the same  :-(   oh well!}
further up the lane
we found the dragons at the gate...
colourfully painted against those wild misty mountains!
i'll let you know how mr w gets on
naturally Carol xox


  1. Those dragons on the gate are fantastic!! Not sure I fancy washing my clothes by hand outdoors though (I'm counting my blessings and appreciating my washing machine even more!)... but it's really interesting to see your photos of real life in Taiwan.

    Hope Mr W is being well-looked after in hospital - it's always worse being at home, waiting for news.

  2. Pass on best wished for a speedy recovery from his sis in law Carol! The clothes washing facilities look amazing. I think I'd rather have my automatic washing machine though! I just got your message on my blog...I must get to the post office soon!! love Jillxx

  3. Hi Carol,
    What an amazing place... I'll see a portuguese eeg tart recipe for you. The dragons gate are fabulous!

    I wish the best for Mr.W.!
    Hugs from Portugal
    Ana Love Craft

  4. Hello Carol:
    Any stay in hospital, even for the most routine of operations, is always an anxious time but we are sure that all will be well and that you will, shortly, have good news.

    Meanwhile, the images of Taiwan are wonderful, so very colourful and very much capturing the mood of an entirely different culture.

  5. Beautiful images of an amazing adventure Carol, what a fabulous country. I hope Mr W is doing ok & he recovers quickly xo

  6. All the best for a speedy recovery for Mr W, poor thing. The wait is always the hardest though, isn't it? Gorgeous photos of Taiwan. I adore everything about Asia - the colour, the food, the smells and their way of life all beautifully captured here Carol. Mel x

  7. All the best to Mr W for a speedy recovery and lots of 'spoiling' which always helps recovery from anything :-) Thank you for sharing those wonderful photos; those painted dragons at the gate are incredible!(and beautiful too)

  8. Hi Carol,
    A beautiful photos of Taiwan. Wishing the best and a speedy recovery for Mr W.
    Never been there but i like that washing facilities too, even though hard to imagine how it works if few people washing at the same time.



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