Friday, September 7, 2012

Purple, Pink & Paisley...

today has been a busy sewing day...
mr w and mr p got home safely not far off midnight.
i was relieved to have them both off the highway
out of the way of the semis and b-doubles
which cruise north and south every day and every night!
i've made my second market bag
with only a couple of tweaks from the original
firstly i made the gusset smaller...
i cut a 3" square out of the corners instead of 4"
i made the handles just a bit wider too.
the other side.
hanging up on the chair in front of my sewing machine
next to the window...
this is where the work takes place
and really it's more like play!
mr w has his computer set up,
has done a few hours work
and is currently resting his eyes.
kara is resting her eyes too...
in her 'bat cave' under my computer as i write this.
with all this eye-resting going on
i'm beginning to feel a bit weary too..hehe!
it's a bit like catching a yawn...
nanna naps for everyone!
naturally Carol xox
p.s ..the sewing machine started making giant leaping stitches just as i was putting the handles on no. 3..i have switched it off and will hope the computer thingamebob will right itself..."oh, bother" she said!


  1. I am a big Paisley fan! Most especially in regards to vintage eiderdowns *sigh*

  2. Hello Carol:
    What a very splendid bag! And Mr. W is safely at home now, which must come as a great relief to you.

    Kellemes hétvégét!

  3. So glad Mr W got home safely .. and I'm sure he's happy to be home too.

    Love the bag .. that paisley fabric combined with the Parisian fabric is just wonderful.

  4. Oh no! Has your sewing machine fixed its self? Mine does a similar thing and I find that if I un-thread and re-thread it, it seems to fix it. Might be worth a try? :)

  5. I'm seeing Paisley a lot at the moment- think it's making a comeback!

  6. hope ur thinga mabob fixes itself soon! Love the bag! u are too clever missy!! love the paisely, and it had some of that eifel tower fabric somewhere!!! maybe i used it...
    have a wonderful weekend!!
    laura x

  7. Paisley and Paris, love the combination! x

  8. Hi Carol,
    Gorgeous your bag. I love the color and the fabric combination.I hope you have a wonderfu weekend!
    Hugs from Portugal
    Ana Love Craft

  9. Love your bag - it is really pretty!

    Pomona x

  10. Gotta love love you bag though. xx

  11. Oh Carol, this bag is beautiful! I'm so pleased to hear your Mr W is home safe and recovering well. My brother drives semi's all over the country and I can completely understand when you say you were happy to have your loved ones off the road... hearing some of the stories, those big trucks scare me too. Hope you have a lovely weekend and plenty more nana naps! xo

  12. You sound like a very happy lady now Mr W is back safe.

    I really like the bag, lovely choice of pattern.
    best wishes Julie.C

  13. Lovely bag! And I like the 'adventure' tag too:) Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

  14. Sorry to hear about Mr W and his misfortune but hope he is on the mend now.
    Loving you new creations Carol, glad you've found a welcome distraction x

  15. Love the bag...particularly the little messages coupled with the paris fabric. By the way Mum LOVES the bag you sent her!! Perhaps you already have a message from her...but just in case you havn't...I dropped round for a visit yesterday on the way home and she showed it to me. It looked great on the blog...but even better in real life! I know she'll use it a lot. love Jillxx :)

  16. Lovely bag, Carol! I love how you combine fabics and add interesting tags too. Sending get well wishes to Mr W, do hope he's feeling better now.
    Helen x

  17. Thanks for your comment on my blog, lovely to meet you and see all your beautiful makes xox Penelope

  18. Such a pretty bag. Makes me want to visit Paris again.


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