Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Making Mountains out of Molehills...

good afternoon!

i made this cushion earlier this year...
during the period my computer wasn't working
and just never posted it here.

i do have a soft spot for selvedges and scraps.
have you ever had something small
escalate before your very eyes into something it was never meant to be?
this happened to me
when i innocently ordered an omelette with sides of mushrooms and a grilled tomato
at lunch time today.
the waitress brought the omelette...perfect...but no sides.
so the omelette went back to gather it's mushies and tomato...fine i thought.
but no...
a while went past
& i realised, oh no!
the chef is making another omelette as well.
another omelette comes out.
plain, this time... with mushrooms on the side.
oh well, i thought, i'll just eat this and shut up...
but a friend jumps up and talks to the chef.
thank you, i said, appreciating the help but feeling a little bit embarrassed...
'cos..well, getting it wrong twice?
i went over to the counter, menu in hand.
i the girl who took the order.
'fine' she said, ' i'm sure the chef has understood'.
'that's good' i said back.
looks like no one understood.
ten minutes later...
i get a styrofoam container.
in it was
the plain omelette
on top of
the original omelette
the mushrooms!
i think if i had uttered a whisper
the chef himself
would have thrown eggs at me..haha!
i ate the warmer omelette, paid and came home.
i had to chuckle though...i'm not offended at the chef or the waitress...
'cos it was just a giant lesson in miscommunication
i'm still not sure whose!
next time
i'm not ordering the omelette!
naturally Carol xox


  1. Hello Karol,

    wat a sweet pilow.I like it very match.Great colors.

    hugs Conny

  2. How could the humble omelette so completely misunderstood? Funny story, though not sure I would have been as patient as you xo

  3. Oh how funny Carol, those kind of things happen to me a bit too. I feel like an omelette now too, haha. And that cushion is absolutely gorgeous, love it. All those pretty bits of fabric intertwined, perfect! xo

  4. So funny, you gave me a giggle just imagining how something so simple can be misunderstood and the image of the chef hurling eggs! I hope at least the omlette was yummy? :-)
    Love your cushion - the stripe are lovely. You've given me an idea for what to do with my Christmas jellyroll! I've been humm-ing and haa-ing over what to make, but stripey cushions will be perfect - thank you!

  5. Pretty cushion.
    I think you just weren't meant to have an omelette with sides of mushroom and a grilled tomato! x

  6. How funny! I winder how they managed to stuff that up - sounds straight forward! :) I love the cushion cover - such a cute design x

  7. That's funny! I'm like you, I get too embarrassed to speak up, but it's kind of handy when you're with someone who does. Who'd of thought an omelette order could be so complex!
    I love selvedges too, your cushions' gorgeous..x

  8. I love the colours of your selvedge cushion, it's very pretty. Oh dear what a muddle up with your order, doesn't sound too tricky to me especially if it's on the menu mmmm. It is good to have friends though that don't mind speaking up if you don't feel comfortable doing it, I have to say as I've grown older I will speak up a little more often. Wishing you a lovely day. x

  9. Oh, I love this sweet pillow!! xo heather


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