Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ella's Petite Tote...

good afternoon...
here i am
basking in the warmth of today,
alone but not lonely
relaxing but not vegetating!
i made a mini me tote bag...
i adapted the 'jane market bag'
for a small girl.
just for fun!
...with geoffrey.
it really is only a tiny version
measuring about 10" x 10" front on...
sides & base included, about a foot square.
lined with 'nicey jane' spots...
ella loves pink...
hopefully this has enough pink
for a pinkophile.
this tiny tote is on it's way to miss e now...
her dad is a dentist and is fixing ms s's teeth this afternoon...
so i didn't put a packet of sweets inside!
hoping the wednesday you're whiling away is altogether wonderful...
naturally Carol xox


  1. So pretty. I'm sure she'll love it!

  2. The bag is cute, I have just bought a sewing machine so I was thinking of making a bag as my first project.

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed your day...I love it when you look back on a day and you have something to show for it. And what a pretty pink tote it is. I'm sure it will be very much loved xo

  4. How gorgeous Carol, I love the fabric, so girly & pretty. I think the little lady will LOVE it! xo

  5. So, so sweet - and just perfect for a little pinkophile! Geoffrey is too adorable also :-)

  6. Miss E is a very lucky lady! What a cute bag this is.


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