Monday, December 20, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays...

good afternoon...
you are probably thinking..what is it
with this girl and the weather?

if you it's not re: weather at all!
well, not the real stuff...just pretend!!

i think all that rain we've been having may have had an effect though,
i made this apron out of 'rainy days and mondays' fabric...

pale pink ric rac, selvedge and one red button...

a little pink 'if' tag,
'cos the possibilities of our lives are endless...

did you check out the tiny shoes on the barbie ornament..
miss b gave it to me last night!

many thanks to miss woody the chair model...again!
...for her statuesque deportment.

this will be the last creative post before Christmas.
i have to pack the sewing machine away...
clear my little 'sewing' table off
to perform other being laden with Christmas goodness,
food and sparkle and stuff!!

i wonder if someone will make me one of these?

these are at lisbeth's house!

lisbeth's blog lives here ...clever lady!!

i wish i did live in one of these at the moment...
my house is crammed with miss b's belongings
that she and mr m and mr p drove up from brisbane yesterday.

they are piled in my front room...
spreading from there to the lounge..
and the dining room table...etc...and ..etc!!

this week will involve
lots of trips to 'vinnies' { a local 'op' shop}
and some 'private' giveaways
and lots and lots of sorting...i'm tired just thinking about it!
{on the other hand...i might think of it as a treasure hunt...there could be endless goodies
...just like Christmas!!}

be glad this monday...for all that you've got...even if it's not a lot
let love, joy and peace be your portion!

naturally Carol  xox


  1. I love this fabric to pieces! And the selvedge is just perfect for this. Those umbrellas are so cute!

  2. I love that apron! I have som of that fabric and just love it.

  3. This fabric is fabulous!! I love the apron you've made with it too. It's time to clear my sewing room (dining room)too ready to be replaced with all things Christmas. Hope the sorting out goes well! Helen x

  4. I so love this apron - you are so clever! gosh - I love that gingerbread house too! thanks for the uplift eye candy :)

  5. Oh, I just love this apron. It's so cute! You're so very, very clever. Well done you! (And I hope someone makes you one of those divine shortbread houses). Merry Christmas Carol! xx

  6. Hi! I've just wandered through your December posts. I love all of the creations! Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!

  7. Your apron is just gorgeous, Carol! I think I need to get me some of that beautiful fabric. In my head I could sew a sweet little dress for Cappers... in my reality I could get my mother in law to whip it up for her!!!

    It's been such a delight to meet you this year, Carol. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your projects next year. x

  8. Oh I love the apron, it is so candy delicious!!! That's how I would describe it!

    Thank you for venturing to my blog a second time and becoming a follower voluntariy, hehe, that's a great boost for me. I love sewing for my girl. I spent 5 years in Sydney in University of NSW 10 years ago, I really love the city. But I've not been to Queensland, would love to visit Oz one day again!

  9. What a gorgeous pinnie - such happy fabric!!

    BTW I'm dropping by to let you know I've nominated you for the Stylish Blogger award, because I think you are very stylish!! Drop by my blog today to 'meet' me and have a squizz at the rules for accepting. Such fun :-)
    Merry Xmas

  10. Cute apron! I love that fabric, it just makes me smile :)

  11. Very cute! I have a stash of that fabric set aside for a quilt for my daughter. Hope I have "extra" for something fun like this!

  12. what a great little apron! seriously cute~

  13. I've got a stack of that fabric and I wasn't sure what to do with it. Looks like I know now...=)

  14. Love Love love it! Thanks for linking to quiltstory!

  15. How divine is that apron?..Almost makes me want to scramble into the kitchen..Almost!!..xx


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