Friday, December 17, 2010

Just in Time for Christmas...

good morning!
grey skies and stormy weather
are my friends today...
after wilting in the heat yesterday
i am reviving with each raindrop and cool breeze.

as you know mr t and sharrie
went off on their merry way
to bendigo
{where mr t has just got work as a chef in a hotel...yay!!!}

since they left
mr m has been busy...
scraping away the paint
from the walls of the bedroom...

there has been quite a few coats
given to this old room over the years!

it's a funny old room
with odd angles
no windows
and two doors...
the ones above open out to the east
where there is a little sleepout type of area
banked with windows...
and the other door,
is a regular door opposite this one
leading into the kitchen/dining room space!

 mr m has been sleeping in the front room..
that really used to be a front verandah,
but was closed in a long time ago.

this will be his new room...
painted this colour

it's called complex grey
by dulux
we'll get it in the silk...a smooth matt finish.

mr m and mr p go and pick up miss b's stuff from brisbane
this weekend {no grey skies allowed}.
she finishes work today and is off to canada on boxing day!

then mr m will have a lovely big bed
to stretch his frame on...

and i will have my front room back to normal...
or even better!
{by we can put the Christmas tree up...just in time!}

it won't be this one...
this is from 'chatz', the cafe at our church
{with permission!}

but i couldn't resist a little Christmas in this post!

...and here's just a little more!

enjoy your friday
and get into the spirit of Christmas this weekend!

naturally Carol xox


  1. That room really does have some odd angles, but it gives it a lot of character. Love the color you chose to paint it.

    Red & purple for Christmas? Christmas trees on poles? I learn something new from you every day, Carol:)

  2. Love the grace artwork!
    And what a job... scraping paint, give me writing on a sewing machine anytime!

  3. Good job Mr.M! Cannot wait to see the new paint/room!

  4. I love the Grace canvas collage.
    Sanding paint is so not fun but it's worth it for a great finish.
    Wishing you a blessed and Merry Christmas if I don't get back. I am going to enjoy using my apron next week.

  5. Adore the decoration in the last fun and festive!!

  6. The history on those walls is fantastic!! Loving the decorations, great work, love Posie

  7. Wow, lots of work! I'm excited to see the end result (and hopefully you get in done in time for Christmas!).

  8. I love the new grey paint - the room will look great! Loved the festive pics too! I hope you keep cool, while we are trying to keep warm this weekend! Helen x

  9. Look forward to seeing the finished room. Thanks for sharing the lovely Christmas decorations. Charmaine

  10. What cool wood walls. They are going to look great!

  11. That room looks like it is full of character!

    I do love the Christmas tree - red and purple bold and sparkly and gorgeous just like Christmas should be.

    I am a new follower!
    504 Main


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