Monday, December 6, 2010

Makin' an Apron...

this one's for terri!

miss b gave me this georgeous
blue bird print fabric.

the order was for blue...
so out of my little stash of possibilities,
a souveneir tea towel from norfolk
came begging to be used too...

snowy white ric rac and a few bright yellow buttons...

a strip of blue floral 'cos we needed a tie or two.

and here's a blue apron for you!

miss b is heading back to brisbane
as we speak
a bright and early start.
mr w journeys back up north to work
in a few hours...
and wants me to type up his resume
before he leaves!
{so i better get a wriggle on with that!}
mr brother has an appointment in brizzy too
so will be leaving mid mornng as well!

so mr m and mr p and me
shall have a quiet monday.
just us...
and the pitter pattering rain on our tin roof
that's enough for today!

hoping your monday
will be peaceful too...if you want it that way!

naturally Carol xox


  1. Hi Carol, that is so great, Mum will love it. You are very talented to say the least! Cheers Terri xo

  2. i love your apron, gorgeous fabric & what a great bow!
    hope you are having as great start to the week Carol ♥

  3. So sweet - I love the fabrics and put a bit of rik rak on a garment and I'm in heaven. x

  4. Hello Carol, your new apron is wonderful! What a great idea for that fabric! I have a beautiful 'kitchen towel' from 'Rowlands Castle' and could use it like that!
    Thank you so much for having my blog on your list, I do appreciate!
    ccc Teje

  5. ...sorry it was supposed to be xxx Teje

  6. Gorgeous fabric! and isn't the pitter patter of rain the best?!

  7. This is great! I made a VERY basic apron a week or so ago - but it didn't even have a pocket on it!! Love the rikrak too :-) xxxCate

  8. Hi Mate, As usually you have made a winner.I don't think I have ever seen a prettier apron ever. mother viited there twice and is wrapped in the place.
    Your Terri is blessed!!
    Gosh this takes me back years, we always had aprons, and we always made them. I wore one every day. I remember one particular day getting a many paged letter from my sister who lives in New Castle. I kept the letter in my apron pocket until I had time to sit outside in the sun and read it. It was a long one as usual and I placed it back into the pocket to be read again later. Its funny how different memories stick in your mind.
    I also think of how people took aprons for Paul to pray over...
    Have a great happy day friend. xxxx

  9. Nice Apron :) Thanks for following. Now if I can just get blogging more.....
    Take care.

  10. Very cute! Love it! Thanks for linking up to Quiltstory!


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