Friday, December 10, 2010

Fabulous Fabric!

red sky at night...
is a shepherd's delight.

red sky in the morning..
is a shepherd's warning.

if you were up at 4.30 am
in southeast queensland,
this is what you would have seen...

{please excuse the wires!}...move over a bit!

ah...that's better!

how pink is that sky...i think we're in for a bit more rain!

yesterday the postie brought this to my gate...

open it's all about anticipation,
savouring the moment.

now that everything is appreciated and checked out...
time to tear off the paper! with gusto!

look! five of the 'matisse' collection by alexander henry fabrics

'vie en rose' bright, 'still life', 'vie en rose','amelie' and a tiny glimpse of 'anja'!!!!

'vie en rose', 'amelie' and 'anja'

more?  mmmmm!!!
yes please!!! {i heard that!}

'vie en rose' bright colourway

'vie en rose' alternate colourway

'vie en rose'

i don't think i ever want to cut any of them up...
i'd love to use every scene and put them on my wall
so i can gaze upon them constantly
and immerse myself in their colour and retro style.

i'm not a collector by nature...
i may have crossed a line here!!

too much to think about
...can you believe it's friday already...
and some 'pink wallpaper' lady just told me
that it is only fifteen {less in australia}days before Christmas!
i'm starting to panic...just a little.

i hope you have it all together, unlike me!!

have a good weekend

naturally Carol xox


  1. what gorgeous fabric! I did a repo of a matisse in HS art class. I would have a hard time cutting it too. Maybe you could just frame them? That way you used them, can admire them, and didn't have to cut them :-)

  2. Oooh, how beautiful!
    I'd never open that slowly! :D
    I agree with framing them, sounds like a great idea. put them into embroidery hoops and hang them on the wall.

    oh,have you entered my giveaway? i can't remember, but i wanted to remind you!
    it's for a fun kids book!

  3. Hello Carol, first I like to say that all the aprons you make are so beautiful, they just invite to bake!
    But...the fabrics you got are just something else!!! They could be really paintings on the wall...or perhaps a quilt but with hole pieces (not to cut them)! Enjoy them - they are unique!
    Thank you for visiting me!
    Still sunnywishes...we are waiting snow!

  4. Beautiful! I can see I have found a fellow fabric lover!!! It's just lovely!!!

  5. LOVE the fabric! Can't wait to see what you do with it (even if it is just hanging it on the wall:)

  6. Love that fabric! Gorgeous...And that sky wow beautiful!

  7. Gorgeous fabric! Don't you just love receiving a package full of fresh fabric cuts in the mail? It always takes me a few months to dive in and start cutting.


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