Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mug Shots and Merry Christmas!

just scraped into a 'good morning'
by eastern standard time!

how has your day been?

this morning my friend,
{who just happens to organise a banquet every year
for two hundred people}
and i
started to discuss table decorations
for the banquet so
all of a sudden i feel
caught up in the rush towards Christmas day...

don't you feel the momentum
just sweeps you along sometimes...
like debris in a flooded stream.

i shall try and remember
all the good advice
from all those lovely sites with
acres of table settings and 'how to entertain'
and centrepieces by the score!

the other day
when piecing together my lovely charm pack
'12 days of Christmas'
i kept aside two charming squares
for little Christmassy mats

to set my Christmassy mugs on...
one for me, one for my friend...we'll have coffee together.

the back is red felt,
white polar fleece in between...
i just stitched around the poinsettia flower
for a bit of texture...
the edges are left so the layers show through,
a deconstructed finish i'd say.

simple but effective...

miss b bought me this cool little inexpensive
'merry Christmas' garland...

it's just two layers of felt cut outs on a string...
but so elegant!
i love it miss b...

tuesday has turned up with a bit of sunshine,
humidity and heat have come for the ride too...
though i think
thundercloud and rain are lurking not too far away
to push them out of the picture again!

have a great tuesday...
naturally Carol xox


  1. Your little mats and mugs are just so wonderful.. I love the colors and I just know your friend is going to be so blessed by your heartfelt hospitality!

  2. wow, how great! loving the mug & coaster combination, how fantastic!

  3. Carol, you have done it again! Cuteness abounds when your sweet hands are involved. What a blessings friends are and your friend will be blessed! Enjoy your coffee!!!

  4. Hello Carol - what a lovely blog you have! I really like the things you make and am looking forward to reading more! Thanks so much for visiting me too. Have a lovely week, and I hope the floral planning goes well.
    Helen x

  5. Hello Carol ...... love your this craft so so much, I am planning some tray cover matching with my COFFEE MUGS, I am a lover of mugs and wants something different for them. you give me such a nice idea... I am going to make ...
    I would love if you come and enjoy the fragrance of sweet potpourri heart at

  6. Very pretty and festive! Did you use a machine or stitch by hand?

  7. Such pretty festive mats & mugs.I adore your creativity Carol.
    Where did you get those mugs by the way ?
    I hope your friend realises all the effort ...does she read your blog:)

  8. Love these mug mats...what a terrific idea!

  9. Those are LOVELY! Really awesome! Where are those bells from??
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!


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