Monday, December 27, 2010

A Date with Canada!

exactly 24 hours ago
{after her dad and brother drove her
for an hour and a half, in the early hours of the morning, in pouring rain!}
miss b showed up at brisbane airport...

she had a very important appointment
with one of these particular birds...

in just over two hours
she'll be landing here...

in toronto...canada!

she'll be hitting the shops very soon
to find warm, woolly mittens and
underthings and overthings that people wear in frozen climates
to stop themselves freezing!

mr g was emailed a list as long as his arm...
of all those essentials that can't be transported
in 21 kilos of luggage...
including a hair straightener!

so canada
you've got my girl...
look after her please and
don't let her have too much maple syrup on her pancakes!

from australia with love...

naturally Carol xox

ps...thankyou for all those heartwarming Christmas greetings that have been left for me in the past few days...i have loved reading each one of them!

pps...this is my 100th post...unbelievable!!!


  1. Carol - she's quite lucky ... there's hardly any snow and it's bright and sunny; plus it's not too cold right now (minus 6 celsius with a wind chill of about minus 16). Sure - it will come as a shock to her system, but it could be so much worse... and will get much, much colder in the next few months!

    I live about 30 minutes outside Toronto and it's taken me the last 3 winters to adjust to the temperature after growing up in Europe. Hope she has fun here - is she staying long?

  2. Oooo, a white xmas (almost). I've always wanted one. Try not to miss her too much - I'm sure she'll be having a great time (and lots of maple syrup while you're not looking :-)

  3. Carol - she'll be just fine! I live in Oakville - between Toronto and Hamilton and we're having quite a mild winter so far. The thing about Canada is, that despite how much snow falls and how cold it gets, they know how to deal with it. So half a metre of snow isn't a really big problem - everyone just gets on with it and life continues! It takes a while to adjust to the cold - getting the right wardrobe is key and then you have to mentally prepare yourself too. Gets easier with time... Her biggest issue will probably be the distance from her family - I hope you all have Skype!

    BTW ...congratulations on your 100th post!!

  4. Congrats on your 100th post. I hope your daughter has a great holiday, she's sure to lucky girl.

  5. Oh I love Canada.Don't miss her too much and wishing you a wonderful 2011..xx

  6. She'll be fine! Share her postcards!

  7. Hi Carol,

    Oh my! So much to catch up on. Hope your girl has a fantastic time and stays WARM!

    I was with out internet for a while and then took a little break. There were so many blessings going on I just wanted to sit back and soak them up! Thanks for the award. I am humbled. It may be a few more days before I post about it...I want to spend some time with Jen before she goes back to school and Rich has taken some time off from work. Please let me know if that is a problem. Thanks again. Talk with you soon.



i am delighted that you care enough to comment..i love to read each one of them..thank you!