Thursday, December 16, 2010

In Record Time!

good afternoon!

this morning i just had an urge to sew.
i had bought some fat quarters.
i don't usually buy fat quarters...
i buy by the metre or i buy charm squares.

when i got these
they were a bundle of different patterns
and there were lots of busy ones.

i felt a bit guilty 'cos i didn't like them as much as when i bought them
and it has been a bit of a struggle to know what to do with them...
i hate to waste money like that!

this morning a little bit of inspiration hit me
so i took it on and this is what i came up with...

of course it is a cushion...
it seems they are irresistable to me!! hehe...

{i have a new photo editing programme
so please forgive me if there is a hint of weirdness about my pics today...
i'm trying to get the hang of it!}

i have sewn one green side and one spicy orange side
on this cushion...

just thought i'd share our '70's amber glass window with you...
installed by some previous owners in our queenslander {circa 1930's!}

still it came in handy today for a photo prop!! lol

today i feel i'm dying in the heat and humidity
summer was slow in starting
but it has caught up with us today...

wishful thinking...
all those snowflakes!!!

i am very tempted
to drag mr w to
a cool, air conditioned cafe
for iced coffee or a zero
with lots of ice....yes please...

naturally Carol xox


  1. Hi Carol looks cute and yes as you said sometime some type of URGE... exactly sometime same happened to me...
    And your Urge results very beautiful... love the red one more...
    I feel so happy if you peek into my world of craft

  2. You sew SO neatly! Tomorrow is an attempt-to-finish-the-christmas-sewing-projects day for me... wish me luck. I'm running out of time!
    And I agree with you about buying by the metre - fat quarters come in cute designs but I have to be thriftier with my dollars...

  3. These are brilliant! My brother would LOVE the one with they vinyl!

  4. Cute pillows! I like the red one best....thanks for noting the missing link (to follow) on my blog - it's back up!

  5. I can't decide which side I like better, but I think I'm going with the orange. Very nice! I love the records.

    I'd take hot & humid right now... it's freezing here!

  6. love the pillow - so neat that you did each side differently so that you can flip it when you like!

  7. Oh, I DO so like that green with the records. I have misplaced most of my Christmas music and it's like missing an old friend. I put all of it together in a 'safe place'. Very nice pillowing!

  8. You are very clever and creative. Wish I could sew. Well, I am sure I could muster up the knowledge laying dormant since high school home economics classes. A machine might be handy!

  9. Hello Carol! I just love this cushion and the fabrics are adorable! You are so talented and creative! Is it your son who is Chef? Congratulations! Till last summer we had restaurant.
    It feels so amazing that you need now air condition and we need heating!
    I think I visit you almost every day and now I had lost few posts...I'll have you in my bloglist right away!
    How nice to paint and redecorate a room!
    I wish you and your family Joyful Christmas and all the best for the Year 2011! ...I hope I still 'see' you before Christmas...
    xxx Teje

  10. How sweet! I love it! The fabrics are super fab!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  11. Hello
    I love all your christmas sewing,they are so pretty.
    Thank you for dropping by my blog!

  12. I love the fabrics you've used here! You certainly find some wonderful ones and use them in inspiring ways too! Helen x


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