Saturday, December 11, 2010

I'm Grateful for Fake Flamingoes!

i'm grateful
for fun stuff today!

grateful that...
in this society people can be creative
and make fun stuff

grateful that...
we have enough to eat
so we have enough cash to buy fun stuff

grateful for...
a sense of humour
so i can laugh at fake flamingoes and myself for owning them!
{something i could never have imagined when i was a teenager}

grateful for...
an american from florida
who made the first fake flamingo from this mold in the fifties,
when lots of good things and people were being made!
{even me!}

grateful for...
miss b who shares my sense of humour
and gave me her collection as she is going away...

i am also grateful for fun stuff like
snow globes
battery powered toys
gadgets and gizmos
Christmas lights
whirlygigs and windmills on sticks!

have fun today at maxabella loves !

naturally Carol xox


  1. It sounds like Santa won't have any trouble filling your stocking this year!

    Your flamingoes look fantastic foraging in the flowers!

    Felicity x

  2. Classic! I love the flamingoes in your garden. Possibly not in mine. But in yours - beautiful.

  3. Oh my gosh you are too cute!!!!! Can I just say that I am grateful that some one invented pickles... Yup, I can't live without them!


  4. They are faaaaabulous. I would love them. x

  5. You are a scream! And you have LOTS of flamingoes!!!

  6. Loving the Flamingoes! They are just so much fun, I love seeing them in people's gardens it really gives you a sense of their personality and outlook. I couldn't imagine a stuffy-uptight person having flamingoes in their garden!!

    :) Hazel
    Hazel Loves Design

  7. I love them I love pink! I love the real ones too :-)

  8. You hooked me on gadgets and gizmos!! Visiting from Maxabellas. Jen.

  9. what a lovely post! Its nice to always stop and remember what we are greatful for! Hope ou are having a lovely weekend!
    laura xx

  10. Hello Carol, Flamingoes are so beautiful! I have a photo of me 5 years old with pink dress with Flamingoes in one Finnish Park! Those birds has something special!
    Lovely Amaryllis also, in Finland we crow it inside for the Christmas!
    xxx Teje

  11. Classic LOL! Fun is so important - why do we forget that?? And isn't it funny how much better we get with age :-)
    Thanks so much for dropping by my place today with your 'get well' comment - I really appreciate it :-)

  12. How wonderful! Thanks for helping others to remember the fun side of life!

  13. I Like Pink Flamingoes...doesn't

  14. what a cute post!

    love your flamingoes!

    Gill xo

  15. thank you all for your flamingo love and laughter...i can almost hear your sides splitting and guffaws echoing across the nation(s)!!! you're all georgeous!

  16. Your flamingoes are so fun! Love them:)


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