Friday, December 3, 2010

Head Down, Tail Up!

when you've unfinished creative business...

there is no doubt about it,
the only way to get it done,

head down, tail up
and work on it!

i don't have elves to help me,
and it won't do itself...

a few hearts here
and a few hearts there
and i'm almost done!

only one more

now i know
i'll be finished before Christmas!

i've a house full of people this weekend...
mr w arrived yesterday afternoon...surprise!
miss b and my brother arrive today.
and it rains and rains and just
keeps on raining...oh, well.

have a great friday

naturally Carol xox

ps...i know i've got a few more steps to do...but they won't be as slow as this one!!!


  1. It looks like it will be a very pretty quilt!

  2. Gorgeous . I love to awe, ooh and ahh over your creative talent.
    It's been raining here non stop almost, 53mls in 12hrs last night.
    Hope you are safe and dry.
    Hope you enjoying your family.

  3. Beautiful quilt. Love the pattern and colours. Charmaine

  4. oh wow, very beautiful, thanks for the inspiration!

  5. It looks beautiful! Can see you have put a lot of work into that. Very rewarding have it done well and truly in time for Christmas

  6. WOW! THis is extra special neat!! Are you doing the hearts on your machine?? John 3:16...
    Can't wait to see the ending...
    blessings to you..

  7. What a wonderful idea! I can't wait to see in finished too:)
    I can't see the whole sentence, so I'll look for them in your previous posts (or maybe it's not reveal yet?)


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