Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All Lovey Dovey!

last week,
very early one morning...
when the dew was still thick and white on the grass,
two doves were doing their moves...
on a nearly wordless wednesday!

i suspect these two are presently building nests
and preparing to raise a family...

who'd a' thought it at 5.30 am
on a sunny queensland morning!

....singing 'two turtle doves'...
now i'm off to find the partridge in a pear tree...

naturally Carol xox


  1. Hope the pears on that pear tree taste better than the plums on my plum tree!

  2. Oh you have captured and shred a natural whimsy!
    This was so cute..and clever...lovey dovey!

    Stop in sometime...I'll put a pot on!

    Ciao Bella
    Creative Carmelina

  3. Amazed you are up at 530am watching the birds. All I got here are ravens/crows.

  4. Hi Carol! Thanks for checking out my blog at I am now your newest follower :D I see that you are a QLDer... I was on the lovely Fraser Coast up until earlier this year but now due to hubby's work am in country Vic - I miss the beach :(
    wishing you a safe and merry Christmas

  5. So sweet! Hope you find your partridge in a pear tree! :)
    ~ Zuzu

  6. That was a unique moment and lovely beginning for a day! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos!
    xxx Teje

  7. Carol, Arnt those the most precious birds, what great pictures you got.. Love that simple part of life..
    Thanks for SHaring..
    Glad to of discovered your blog..
    a new follower -Have a Merry Christmas

  8. I have never seen doves this color - they are lovely! I get grey ones with a little black collar in my garden - I love all my bird visitors! I'm a total bird nerd!!!


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