Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm Grateful for...Men at Work!

mr m and mr b
son and brother of mine...

a picture tells a thousand words...
these tell several thousand!

note the poser...
check out the guns!

mr speedy gonzales with the teatowel
wet dishes are a distant memory!

i am grateful
that these blokes
feel at home in the kitchen...
doing the dishes
making gravy
lamb shanks, roast vegies and gravy
for dinner!
{and mr m cooked it all}

what a wonderful day
{sung at the top of your voice}

have a happy tomorrow

naturally Carol xox


  1. Carol, this post should have come with a XXX warning. You know that men doing the dishes is a massive turn on for us all!!!!! THANK YOU for sharing. I think I'm in love. x

  2. So wonderful! I'm lucky that Jarod is the same, very comfortable in the kitchen.

  3. Ah! What a lovely thing to have good help! ;-)

  4. I'm with Maxabella definitely need a XXX warning!

    Enjoy the rest of your wonderful weekend,

    Felicity x

  5. Ha! This is funny! lIke the action shots of the fella's and I can almost hear you singing. Sounds like an excellent day, lucky you! xo

  6. Love a man with a T-towel in his hand..xx


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