Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Very Special Christmas Cards!

good morning!
it is a sultry, can't make up its mind weather
kinda day here in queensland!
{fortunately not too hot yet}

just thought i'd share some really special Christmas cards
with you today.
when i first saw them i was in love
with the richness of their design and colour...

they are all made from original designs by jill butler
the fabric is screen painted by hand
and then applied to top quality card and then hand trimmed and finished...

their exquisite detail and quality
sets them apart from others!

jill works with terri, they've been friends forever!

you will find these cards
and more handcrafted goodness at

jill and terri would love you to go over and browse in their blog
(link above or at the right hand side)...
pop in and leave a comment or two
if you're so inclined!
they'd love you to say 'hello'.

this afternoon's task for me
{which actually, i really enjoy!}
is to write out my Christmas cards
and get them sent off....pronto!

have a wonderful wednesday

naturally Carol xox

ps...jill is my sister!


  1. Support our sisters! Yeah. Happy jolly winter to you.

  2. Your sister is so talented. I will go over and visit her link for sure! Her cards are beautiful! And how lucky she is to have you for a always lift my spirits with your ever so thoughtful comments on my blog! Thank you so very much! :)

  3. They are stunning - festive without being 'em :-) xxxCate

  4. Hello Carol, I love those cards! Really beautiful and lovely colours! I think this time I like best the white/grey!
    Also your Christmas mugs with they mats are so wonderful!
    Have a lovely day! Teje

  5. They really are a standout. That lush, rich Northern Christmas feel. x

  6. Lovely stylish Christmas cards. Hope you get all your cards done. Charmaine

  7. Oh I love the designs very nice :-)

  8. Hi Carol, many thanks for your lovely referral, and everyone's comments! :) J&T


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