Saturday, December 18, 2010

Grateful for Afternoon Storms!

weatherwise we're in a sunshine and storm cycle at the moment.

early morning is cool, sunshiney and delightful,
mid morning, i can cope but
humidity is building slowly,
the heat gradually becomes oppresive...
by mid afternoon
i've wilted, past my best by a long shot
a bit snippy with all and sundry...
just want to get my gear
{if you knew'd laugh too!}
and dive into a bucket of ice!!

then as if on cue
fluffy white clouds morph into bigger grey ones
the skies darken
the wind chimes in with a verse or two

lightening flashes randomly
and the earth cools under big drops of reviving rain!

i am soooooo grateful for the rain,
for afternoon storms...
i sing my praises!!!!

naturally Carol xox

ps...i'm linking up with 'maxabella loves' saturday gratitude thingy...


  1. Don't you love that smell when the day is blistering hot and the storm clouds are gathering. The smell of ozone, dust and sweet, sweet relief! x

  2. Yes I find the rain a relief in this weather too. Great photos!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog

  3. Ahh! You expressed it so well, the anticipation of rain after that heat.

  4. Just stopping by to wish you a Merry Christmas! Love the pillows and wall hanging. The fabric is precious. Have a blessed day!

  5. That sounds like the weather pattern for most of the summer where I come from in South Africa... I really miss the drama of the weather there. The summer weather in New Zealand seems so tame in comparison. The winter storms can be quite dramatic though!

  6. Hello my lovely Carol, Fiona and I will be at Maccas on Tuesday, God willing...
    You wrote this so well...sometimes this weather really gets me down. Hope its fine all day at Christmas. Hope you all have a wonderful and happy one. You will likey use all the pretty placemats and decorations you have made.It will look wonderful!!!
    Ray got swamped out at golf again yesterday and came home soaked. That humidity is the worst thing though about our Qld. Thank God I am feeling better now. Much love. Crystal xx

  7. I do love a good storm, we were snuggled down in bed last night as one brew outside, I love it! I do dread humidity though, really struggled with the recent 2 weeks of humidity down here. I love your work in progress in the previous post, what a great colour you've chosen! Thanks so much for popping over, lovely to see all your christmassy goodness too...

  8. I love the smell of summer rain. Summer rain is so different to winter rain - makes you want to run outside and dance in the big rain drops. Enjoy your week-before-Christmas. x

  9. Thanks for the pictures! We really don't get any rain here in the middle east, on the couple of occasions that it's arrived everyone has taken to the street in a rain dance (it's quite funny to watch). It leaves you craving for a downfall, one of those good cleansing rains. I'm with you, I love good as storm.


  10. Just drove home from SE SA in rain/sleet/hail...just missing the snow!!
    Love a good storm :-)
    Great photos


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