Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mirabella and the Scented Garden...

morning to all!
don't you just rejoice
in the verse that says that
'His mercies are new every morning'

this morning is fresh and bright
rainwashed and clean!

just thought i'd show you the apron
i made for terri's mum...

she requested this combination of fabrics...
a favourite of mine too.

it is practically the same as the one i did for sharrie's mum
fortunately i had bought double the amount of fabric
that i normally buy!
this {and the norfolk blue apron} will be winging their way to new zealand
early next week,
in plenty of time for Christmas!
what an exciting new life...

this is some real garden colour...i kind of stole a little shot this morning,
looking over my neighbours fence...sshh! please don't tell!

now for a bit of girlie pink and blue goodness...
miss 'mirabella' apron
a soft sweet pastel looker!

tizzied up with pale blue buttons...

this one didn't know it
when i finished her
but this morning
it was decided that she would go and live with
miz leanne!
she will love it there and
help her protect her glamourpuss clothes when
Christmas day rolls around!

i am thinking next year
of opening a little 'made it' shop
but i am very hesitant
to make the commitment,
'cos it's kind of a scarey idea!

so don't hold me to it!

well, mr procrastinator came by yesterday
and delayed me from writing my cards...
{i got other tasks crossed off my list instead, of course!}
so will have another go...
and shoo him away if he comes by today, firmly...
'cos it seems he sticks around
if not shown the door firmly enough!

i hope he doesn't come by your place either today...
if he does, remember to be firm!
{enlisting the help of miss no-nonsense self control...sometimes works too}
all the best...

naturally Carol  xox thanks go to miss chair again for a wonderfully wooden pose again this morning!


  1. What beautiful aprons--I love the colors and prints!

  2. I love all of the gorgeous colourful designs of your aprons. I wish I were flying home to New Zealand in time for Christmas too!! LOL!

    :) Hazel
    Hazel Loves Design

  3. Top of the morning to ya! Love both of the aprons but I must admitt I am in love with the Scented Garden!!! It is just so bright, cheerful and Christmas-y (if that is even a word)and YES I am rejoicing! I would be a mess if it wasn't for His new mercies!!! Enjoy your day!


  4. So cute Carol, both of them are lovely... but I love the red one more... you are so good in stitching... really like it very much...

  5. love that selvage! you are brilliant!

  6. Your aprons are beautiful. You are very clever... The Mirabella one is super cute!

  7. Wow, they are both so beautiful!
    I prefer the pink one,even though I am not much of a girly girl usually.
    Very lovely!

  8. thank you carol ,for my Apron ,i will look good cooking the christmas turkey in it,and you should open that Little shop ,you would do so well ,and a huge thank for sewing my dress up rock <3 Leeann XX

  9. LOVE that fabric on apron #1!! Very beautiful!!

    It's because of "His great love we are not consumed." Thanks for the reminder of His faithfulness today!

  10. Love them both Carol! I think you should DEFINITELY start a little shop to sell your goods! It is a scary jump--but worth taking!

  11. Wow Carol, Mum will love them, can't wait to tell her who made them! Many thanks again. Cheers, Terri

  12. Beautiful! I love that Mirabella. Wonder why I haven't seen that around? Who is the manufacturer? Lovely, lovely aprons!!!

  13. As a proud owner of one of your aprons, I know firsthand how absolutely lovely they are!!! You should definitely open up a shop, Carol. You certainly have the talent!


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