Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's On It's Way!...

i'm just easing my way into the season,
with these adorable tiny gingerbread houses
from 'lisbeth' who has a georgeous norwegian blog!
this is more my reality!
and there is a bit of this...
this is truly a work in progress!
{like me}
enjoy the first of december
and all of december's days....
let the true Spirit of Christmas
bring peace into this busy time!
have a mochaccino on me this morning
naturally Carol xox


  1. Ooh Carol, I love those little Gingerbread houses. What a lovely idea. Think I might go back for second coffee this morning...

  2. these look fab! i plan on making one this year!

  3. I am totally head over heals in love with your Christmas fabric and the gingerbread house aren't to bad either!

  4. Ooooh, I always love it when someone new drops by. Come in, have a cuppa, I'll dig around the back of the cupboard for the nice cups if you're not fussed about the stoneware mugs. :)

  5. Hello Carol, today I decided to become a friend and a follower. I enjoy looking at your blog. I think your creations are marvellous, especially the rug you made me! ...which I will treasure forever. I printed 15 pages of it and my partner is showing it to all her non computer friends. I hope that this eventually causes her to like computers afterall. Love Dadxxxxxxx

  6. How nice to return home from vacation and see your sweet comment! I missed you too...I love to visit here at your sweet blog! I made a lot of those cute little gingerbread houses last year. They are fun to design. The Christmas fabrics in that quilt top look so yummy! Busy...busy! Happy December to you dear friend!

  7. I love the bottom two fabrics! You should link to My Wonderful WIP :-)

  8. How adorable are those little houses.Always enjoy stopping by your

  9. I LOVE those little houses! Brilliant!


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