Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Coffee Morning...

I am writing this a bit later today.
i usually post in the mornings now
and it's a bit like missing an appointment
with a friend!

i had a wonderful morning.
i went to prayer meeting at church
and refreshed my soul.
had a lovely cup of tea with friends at the church cafe.
the fellowship filled my heart
with the warmth of friendship.

and then
off again to maccas {macdonald's cafe}
where another group of ladies were meeting
for a casual natter
and a cappucino...
mmmm, my kinda morning!

just thought i'd share
how much i am like a kid in a candy store
when i see all the special Christmas paraphenalia...
like this special takeaway coffee cup

and this serviette from the same place
{i feel like taking handfuls of these and
wrapping them up with my handmade gifts!}

just designed for this season.

i wish you would share
what lovely cups and serviettes you have
in your local cafe's and eateries.

on the way home
i just had to buy
the christmas edition of the 'australian womens' weekly'.

it has a feature article
about 'simone' from 'beach vintage' blog fame
and her lovely house
...great article.
i think i would have bought it anyway though
'cos i love to read my favourite Christmas magazines
every year!
to me
it is sharing the joy
and excitement
of the season!

naturally Carol xox

ps...just another little glimpse of what i'm working on-


  1. Happy happy morning Carol... after reading your post I am also going in the kitchen for making some mmmm mmmm hot coffee... With a peanut butter slice.. ( oh God I am on diet:( ) its ok one piece doesn't harm me... isn't Carol...
    Can you please spare a little bit of your time for my new post, its something different I hope you enjoyed

  2. That sounds like a most perfect day! I love the darling cups and napkins!


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