Monday, November 22, 2010

Le Petit Bunting Giveaway Winners!

good morning!

i have filled my bowl with
origami doves!

there is one dove for every entry...
so if you entered a comment about the bunting you got a dove
if you were a follower/friend as well,
you got two doves!

i then took a long pair of tongs
and stirred them up
and the first dove i pulled out was
NO. 14

the first winner is:
trish at 'my little drummer boys'
congratulations trish

the second dove i pulled out with my tongs was
NO. 31

the second winner is:
gwen at 'gwenny-penny'
congratulations gwen

i have made an extra present for these winners
i figured the bunting would more than likely
feature in a kids room
i made the mums both a 'pink flower sugar' apron
these will be put in the mail with the bunting!


i decided there would be a 'runner up' as well
the next dove my tongs connected with was
NO 23

congratulations to
joni illanora at 'the diary of joni & anya'

she will receive a little cushion
with a frill...

i will contact you all asap
and ask that you email me with your names and addresses
so i can send you your goodies!

my commiserations
to everyone else who entered...
i appreciated your encouraging comments
and would have loved to see you all win...
maybe next time!

naturally Carol xox


  1. hi Carol
    you made my day. I am so excited.
    Ps Please can you post the instructions for the origami doves what a gorgeous idea !
    congratulations to the other lovely winners too.

  2. congratulations to all the winners! what gorgeous prizes!

    Gill xo

  3. Woohoo!!! I'm so excited, Carol. I can't wait to recieve them. Thank you so much!

  4. Yahoo! It's lovely Carol! It's perfect for Anya's room!

  5. Carol you are so generous. Congrats to the winners xx

  6. Love the origami doves! what a beautiful idea (and Sis adores the frilly cushion), and Terri has a request which Jill will forward. VM xx

  7. Carol you are so special and kind. To know you is to love you...How clever. I feel dull in comparison. Love Crystal xx

  8. Oh your giveaway cushion is so cute I wish I can win that. Vary lovely Carol...
    And your origami Doves... I never do origami, may be try sometime, your are so lovely and colourful that it can enhance the beauty of any where...
    I would love if you please give a try to peek at me at

  9. Carol,

    What a fun way to find out who won! Love the origami. I know all those who won will be blessed! Enjoy your day.



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