Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cutting It Out Creatively...

after finishing my summer tablecloth
yesterday morning,
i was excited...
i've never made one before.

my inspiration
was my friend irene in new zealand
who's family is dutch.
she used to put a rug on her dining room table!
it looked fantastic.

so i thought
i could make a patchwork tablecloth
and dress my table with it...

this morning,
i was just wondering
how to start.

have you ever been there?

so i just fiddled around
with the fabric i have in my little plastic box
and came up with
a few ideas
to keep me off the streets!

these will be breakfast place mats,
the retro pattern is the front,
the red connected dots will be the back...

should i put a third piece of fabric in between the layers for bulk?
or a thin piece of padding?
i would love it if you would let me know!



a couple more 'flower sugar' and pink polka dotty aprons...
{all the girls in the included...are loving pink aprons!}
 the start of a couple of little girly cushions,
a rectangle and a small square,
just inched out of left over pink flower sugar.
i'll have to hunt around for coordinating materials now
to finish them.
{i haven't made a rectangular cushion before!}

it's on to the fun stuff.

just a giveaway reminder...
if you want to enter to win
one of two
'le petit bunting' strings like this -

see tuesdays post for details
or leave a comment here...

entries open until sunday!

i'm linkin' up with kootoyoo today!

do you want to see who's there too?

naturally Carol  xox


  1. that fabric with the pears and cups is so cute!!

  2. Ooo I like that. Lovely material as well. Charmaine

  3. You have a lovely stash of fabrics. The place mats will be so pretty when they're finished. If you need to protect your table from heat I'd put some padding in between otherwise it's probably not needed (but I'm no expert).

  4. Hello Carol! Thank you for your visit and lovely words! Your Breakfast mat is going to be beautiful! You have found just perfect, sweet fabrics for them! See you soon again!
    Best wishes Teje

  5. What a great idea! I love the fabrics you have chosen so far and the aprons sound Oh So Nice too!

  6. hello :D Thanks for stopping by mine :D I love that retro material. I always put a thin layer of batting or polar fleece bewtween the layers when I make placemats or mugrugs. Hope you post some pictures when they're done.

  7. I love the idea of a patchwork table me thinking...putting it on my to-do-list now, along with the place mats, don't know why I hadn't thought of it myself, been looking for some for ages, but can't find any I really like. Thanks for the inspiration. Love that Retro fabric, so bright and good summer morning happy :)

  8. Hello Carol, Well done. I used to sew so much when my kiddies were tiny. Don't at all now. Aprons were always a thing and somehow forgotten now. A patchwork table cloth. Very nice! xxxxCrystal

  9. Like the look of your placemats. I like the idea of 'Toughie' about putting polar fleece between the placemat. You don't want them too full. All your fabrics look great, will look forward to seeing them finished.

  10. Thanks guys for your help...polar fleece it is! I will get some without delay.

  11. Gorgeous fabric, Carol! It's very cheery... a great pick-me-up for first thing in the morning. Definitely agree that you should add another layer of something for bulk.


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