Monday, November 15, 2010

Tea For Two?

this morning was foggy.
miss b was up very early.
she had to drive back to brisbane to go to work.

all the misters have a day off.
they slept.
the fog gently lifted
as i cut and sewed.

the dogs stretched out in the yard
to catch the first rays.

ironing out the seams,
pressing out those wrinkles..

eggs were boiled,
and duly eaten.
last night's formula 1 was viewed and discussed,
laundry hung out to dry.

a patchwork of summer colours
has abstractly formed on my dining table.

what is coming together at your house?

naturally Carol xox first giveaway is a happening thing tomorrow!!!
pps...'tea for two?' is completed in post dated wednesday 16th november 2010


  1. I love yellows! So pretty, the color of sunlight running all through your post!

  2. Hi there carol, thankyou for visiting my blog and for following me! will add yours to my blog roll! Your work looks just gorgeous, such beautiful fabrics, lovely colours!
    Laura c xxx

  3. Gorgeous colours, I love them.

    I'm working on a million different things at the moment (as per usual)! I have the start of a board book full of family photos (so that Max can learn the names of our family members) spread across the dining room table, what will one day be an owl plushie in pieces on my desk and 3 picture frames that I'm painting on the floor in the family room.

    Nothing close to being finished though, what would be the fun in that!!

  4. Your prints are gorgeous.... very lively and cheerful..... like cool summer breeze. hope the quilt will be a happy quilt...
    Hope you would like to spare a little of your time for me at

  5. Nice colors. I sometimes look to printed fabrics for my color inspiration. Nice collection you have there.

  6. loving all your fabrics! And thanks for visiting my blog :)


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