Monday, November 29, 2010

The Dandelion Patch

this morning the sun was shining brightly
and warmly.
out in the back yard there was a patch of golden yellow dandelions...

their faces turning towards the sky...

who can resist the glory of this on a nearly summer's day!

i fetched the camera
and still dressed in my nightie,
hobbled among the dandelions,
feeling delighted and basking
in warmth and sunlight and the beginning of a monday!

are you delighted with dandelions,
or are you thinking
that the lawn is weedy and needs mowing?
that perhaps the laundry should be hung out?

i hope today
and every day this week
that the tasks you have set for yourself
will not keep you from
dancing (or hobbling) in the dandelion patch
in the sunshine!

naturally Carol xox

ps....just between you and me.. there is also a little of this going on!


  1. Funny how they are a weed (they are aren't they??) But so pretty :-) You look like you are going to be making some tags? or a bunting? I bought (was very restrained at spotlight this morning...) some sweet embossed paper - hoping to have something to show for thursdays creative space :-)

  2. Ps thank you for your kind comment on my header I finally figured out how to make one on picnik :-)

  3. I hope I get that kind of weeds instead of the ugly bits.

  4. Oh... you have flowers... can I come and live eith you? :D:D:D
    I have lots of snow now outside my windows... and freeking cold.
    Best regards

  5. Hi Carol, I am definitely a Dandelion lover! If I lived next door to you, I would have been out there with you just glorying in the bright beauty of God's sunshine flower .... probably in my nightie too! :0)
    Enjoy your summer .... we had our first snow today, early for this part of England .... brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
    Val xx Oxfordshire UK


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