Friday, November 26, 2010

MOMA Origami Doves...

i love origami.
i love the paper...the colour, designs, geometry,
i am fascinated by the style
and the art.

i bought this book
last year at the MOMA shop
at the gold coast while on holiday...

the doves...

this is a reproduction japanese woodblock print called 'rock doves and tree sparrows'.
this has inspired the authors steve & megumi biddle
to create these origami doves...

here is how i made my dove...

you will need one square piece of paper
for a large dove like this 6"x 6"
small (like on mondays post) about 2"x 2"
right side up

fold diagonally in half...

then in half again.

unfold the second fold, so it is just half of the square.

valley fold the top points two thirds of the way down.

fold the front flap up again by half of the bottom third...

open out the top of the triangle to form a small square.
showing the back of the paper.

fold in half
{the small square is folding in on itself}
to make the wings.

you can see that this forms the wings on both sides of the body...

do a small (inside reverse) fold to form the head and beak of the dove
seen at the bottom of the picture above.

valley fold the wing up over the body on one side...

then on the other side...and it will look like...


& this.

fold the wing tips over to form bird wings
and you have a georgeous dove.!

the book says you can change the angle of the head or wings
to create different doves each time.

'may the peace of God,
fill your hearts and minds
this weekend....
and have lotsa fun making origami doves'

naturally Carol xox

p.s. a big thank you for the lovely comments made about me on 'gwenny-penny's' blog...cheers gwen!


  1. man i haven't done any origami in ages! i feel inspired!
    amber x

  2. I love them! the red and pink look great together.

  3. ooh, i love origami! i am exceptionally good at making paper cranes :)

  4. wow, you make it look so easy - and I know from experience it is not, well, it is not for me I should say...

    I lived in South Korea for 12 months and used to be amazed at how even very young children could whip out a masterpiece with just a single piece of paper

    Gill xo

  5. I adore origami but I've never tried it for myself. I don't know why that is! I am going to have a go at the dove... wish me luck! x

  6. I always get lost at step 5 (or sometimes earlier!) Thank you for visiting my place on the net this week - beautiful gardens in Remuera - more space than our side of town... I had to google Queen Anne's lace and it's lovely. My mum grows it in Tassie - I haven't seen it around here though - all the gardens are very uptight and structured! A x

  7. Just gorgeous! I love origami but, as with most crafts, my finished product does not always match my dreams. Much better to admire others who do it so well. :-)

  8. :-) I bought the same book too. I've so enjoyed your pics...Happy weekend

  9. Beautiful, I have never tried origami before, think I might have to.

  10. Hi! Just stopped by to visit your blog after I saw that you left some sweet words for me on my blog. I love your blog and appreciate your kindness! Have a great weekend!

  11. The doves were a real inspiration. Now I'm going to try and make one myself! Love J&T xx

  12. Hi Carol, Thanks for popping in. Well you learn something new every day! I had no idea MOMA had a shop in the gold Coast. I was in NYC last year bought a few lovelies. This book looks beautiful. Love your doves.

  13. gosh these are soooo lovely xx thanks for visiting my blog, I shall be back here to see what other lovely things you are making x

  14. I LOVE the red paper with the white/pink flowers. I can't stop staring at it! I used to use origami in my classroom back when I was a math teacher. The cover of your book is beautiful.

    By the way, you are completely welcome for the mention on my blog... you are a sweet and talented lady:)

  15. So lovely! Will fold some for sure this Christmas :)
    Thanks for sharing.


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