Saturday, November 6, 2010

To Canada With Love...

miss b's sweetheart is canadian.
she requested an apron for his mum.
i don't know whether this fits the bill
or not...

if it doesn't
i'll have another go!

aren't the cherries, ric rac and red and white polka dots
a cheerful combination?...
and very christmassy too!

it's a jungle out there...honestly...hehehe!

'if'....a multitude of possibilities...lovin' life.

this won't take much packin',
so we'll have to put our aussie thinkin' caps on...
maybe put a kangaroo in the pocket!
that'd make a hoppin' good chrissy present,
wouldn't it surprise those canadians?  hehehe...

i think there's a mischevious thought or two 
goin'  'round in my head!

if she doesn't like this one...
i have a little pink one in mind.
{i'll show you later!}

so miss b has plans,
to leave us.
time for her
to spread her wings...
{not literally, though she's pretty angelic....i think she'll be taking a 'plane!}

enough of such kookiness...
why not have a sundae today... on saturday???

enough, i said...

naturally Carol xox


  1. I would wear this in a heartbeat Carol, it's so adorable! And I'm sure the Canadian connection will love it just as much. Thank you for your sweet comment over @ The Hedge's 600th post, glad to have you as a Hedgie.
    Millie ^_^

  2. I simply love the fabric combination, Carol! Great job! It is so cute!

  3. Carol,

    So cute. I love that the colors say ho ho ho for Christmas, but it can be worn in any season.

    Thanks for stopping by my last post and leaving a little note. Rita

  4. Such a cute apron! Love the rick rack.

  5. Thanks for finding me Carol! And I think this apron is totally sweet. I'm sure she will love it.

  6. This is beautiful! It's so fresh. And I'm loving the "if" tag... clever addition. Like the ric rac, too.

  7. This is so cute! Love the colors!!
    I'd love for you link up at

  8. Just looking at this makes me want to bake something! Too cute! Love the cherries :)


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