Friday, November 12, 2010

Le Petit Bunting...

good morning!

ever since i've browsed other blogs,
just lurking in the shadows shyly...

i have been intrigued with bunting.
bright and beautiful,
shabby chic and dreamy...
tiny or not,
inside or wrapped around trees.

i was just wondering
i could make some too.

so i came up with this...

i happened to have some of this...

you may remember
i used these strips in a cushion last month.
they were originally strips that miss b had sewn together
and given to me.
then i used some in the 'love' cushions,
and i had about four strips left over.

i chopped them into these.
then chopped up some purple polycotton to back them with.

then i sewed some onto some aqua craft ribbon.
different lengths and patterns
that i joined together
and some got sewn onto a brown ribbon
that was lying around
in my box of tricks.

for a first go
i'm happy with them...

i'm not sure what to do with them though,

i might give them away...
next week
if i can figure out how!

thank God it's friday.
mr w is coming home for a long weekend,
miss b is coming home tomorrow too!

{i've had a pesky sore knee all week
and made myself a support bandage
out of light green knit ribbed stuff
that was lying around...hehehe
i wouldn't dare show you
for all the tea in china!}

though next week
i might thrill you
with a look at that seventies style pillowcase
i've been hiding from ya...
just so you can have a good laugh
at my expense!  lol

"a merry heart does good like a medicine,"....proverbs 17: 22

have a very merry weekend,
full of laughter and joy...

naturally Carol  xox


  1. Your bunting is adorable! I love that the flags are pieced together. Great color choices. The ribbon color is unexpected but an amazing complement to the flags.

  2. Hi Carol,
    Like the fabric you've used on your bunting. very stylish!

  3. Hey Carol! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love cute...don't your love that eiffel tower fabric?!? I used it in a skirt for my friends daughter for her b-day. It is so pretty!

  4. I love your banner. It's so cute -- I haven't seen one done like that before!


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