Thursday, November 4, 2010

An Orange Creative Space...

last week,
i blundered my way into kootoyoo's place,
not really doing it right, i suspect...

well, just thought i'd have another go
and perhaps,
do it all a little better?

i'm a copycat really.
i was visiting anna maria horner's corner
and saw a bit of orange pillow
that i found irresistable!

{unlike my majorly uncool bed pics}

so i made a pillowcase this morning
out of anna's 'innocent crush'.

i wanted an envelope end on this one...

i think it is the vibrancy
of the orange,
the unexpected clash of pale pink,
and the circles of maroon
that appeals to
my unconventional, hippy chick, lived through the '70s side.

i finished this at half past nine
this morning!
i had a sore knee
that got me out of bed early...
at half past five,
i was washing dishes and feeding the dogs.

a cup of coffee
is on the agenda
this drizzley thursday morning,
perfect weather for sewing and blogging!
sometimes it's all about the fabric...

naturally Carol xox


  1. Gorgeous fabric, and I like the idea of the envelope closure.

  2. What a beautiful pillow case! I like the idea of using the salvage like that :)

  3. Oh i think it is really nice, agree with the others! Vibrant fabric. Well done!!

  4. I love to make pillow cases but...mine are not half as cute as yours! Love the makes you smile! Have a great day.


  5. Hi Carol, Thanks for dropping by at Planet Penny. You've reminded me that I have been planning to make pillow cases for AGES and have been procrastinating. Thanks for the nudge! I love yours, makes me think of orange sherbet! Penny x

  6. I'm making a new quilt, but I don't make mine to completely cover the pillows. I'm thinking I'll grab a bit of extra yardage and make a few pillow cases to coordinate with the new quilt. Maybe just edges to match. But I really like yours in orange. My college daughter got orange sheets and bright blue sheets for her dorm bed, so I made some extra pillow cases from bright blue dots and orange dots. Very cute, if I do say so others like them!!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful pillow, Carol! I LOVE the orange fabric. I think I might have to make a bag out of that:) I'm really loving your signature patch on the front of the pillow... very cute!

  8. Oh, I do love the little trim in the corner and how you used the fabric name and maker. I thought it was your label at first glance and then I saw the green pillows with the color dots and said to myself, "Cute idea!" I'll be back to see what else you make. Glad you like my blog too.


i am delighted that you care enough to comment..i love to read each one of them..thank you!