Friday, November 19, 2010

That Seventies Pillow!

good morning sunshine...
well, it's cloudy here
and i feel like something the cat's dragged in!
i hope you're feeling sunny!

i mentioned that i would show you
the pillowcase i made
that the kids laughed at and said
belonged to the seventies

the egg carton must be a seventies relic too?

despite the mirth of my offspring
i think it will go quite well under my orange pillowcase

as i used a little piece for the label.

this morning i've got my pink aprons underway
and sewed a little pink ruffle on the front of the 'flower sugar' cushion.
i have decided
{with the help of my blogger friends]
to sandwich the placemats with polar fleece...

if you want to be in the running
for my 'le petit bunting' giveaway...

comment here
to say you want in
visit tuesday's post
for details...
opportunity ends sunday midnight aussie time...
will announce winners (2)
on my monday post...
all the best to you!

may your weekend be
all that you want it to be!

naturally Carol xox

ps...i'm off to find a small cave somewhere that i can curl up in and zzzzzzzzzzzz...znooze!


  1. I love the 70s look! The colors are so perfect.

  2. I absolutely LOVE your pillowcase! It is beautiful...I love the pink bunting too! Add my name to your giveaway please!

  3. Love it! I have been so drawn to warm autumn colors lately--and that pillowcase looks great.


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