Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pillow Case Party...

they had a sale at lincraft
a week and a half ago,
30 percent off everything, they said,
who could resist this cute fabric, with it's flowers, bees and ladybirds?

my pillowcases
are old and shabby,
threadbare and boring!

i definitely need a new pile...
i thought my new style would be
colourful and crazy,
mismatched and interesting...to me.

so now i have made a pretty pale green one,
two pretty flower, lady bird and bee ones,
one jazzy orange one
and one little flowerprint one that would've been at home in the seventies!

they will be great for guests who sleep on the lounge...
or in the spare room,
or where ever!

i think i need new pillows next...
they're getting a bit flat
and you need about three for a good night's sleep!

if i get game
i'll show you my seventies one sometime...
didn't mean it to be that way
but it just evolved !  hehehe!

is cool this tuesday...

naturally Carol  xox

ps...i hope it's sunny tomorrow 'cos i'll then i can show you pics of my new pink apron!


  1. Very cute! I'm interested in making pillowcases, but all of the blogs seem to be making standard cases. I need directions for a king size...

  2. Such beautiful fabric! L love it. I have plenty of cotton, I should make some myself! I'm visiting from TRH, hope you visit me too!


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