Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Today is a Special Day!

'cos today is my dad's 80th birthday...

hi dad!

i know you're busy!

i just want a few minutes of your time today...

to wish you a very happy birthday...

and a wonderful year ahead !

you deserve the best !

a little while ago...
i made something for you,

handmade especially for you!

i sent it off to new zealand early
so the big old aussie moths
wouldn't get stuck into it over summer!

{the stamps weren't french!}

mum has probably given it to you by now....

just thought...
you can use it over your knees when writing those radio articles in winter...
or take it on picnics...
or put it in the spare room!

i hope you enjoy everything
that today will bring!

love from
naturally Carol  xxxxxxxxxxxxx
ooooooooo xxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hi Carol, I went round to see dad first thing this morning (well...about 9:30...not too early)to wish him a happy birthday. He opened his gifts from mum and I....and you. He was really delighted with rug! Loved the colours....very proud of his daughter. They are having a stream of visitors today. I'll go around again later in the day...mid afternoonish. He's made up a CD of some of his favorite music to give to each of his guests. Lovely idea! Love Jillxx

  2. Happy Birthday to your dad in NZ Carol. Lovely that you still have him and he is so young!!!(just shows how old I am LOL) I hope he and your mother have a lovely day and rejoice in your love for the both of them. Hugs XXXX
    Hey, its Tuesday and we are meeting at Maccas at 9am-11am if you want to come...(Frances.V, Sharon, Fiona, Cathy and I)All church girls. xxxx love ya mate. CML

  3. What a pretty blanket. Crocheted, right? Happy B-day to your Dad.

  4. Hi again,
    Can't email you as I haven't got oulook express.
    Here is the plce for free books for reviews.

  5. Aw, very sweet, and what a great dad gift. :)

  6. WHAT a LOVELY crochet blanket! A homemade blanket of any kind is like a great big HUG! Sendiing a birthday wish to your Dad.



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