Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our Little Town...

good morning!
although up early this morning
i have been enthralled by your posts
so haven't got 'round to posting my own little story...

today i thought i'd just share a few pictures
of the town Christmas tree!
i think it is really retro
it's not even nearly sophisticated or up-to-the-minute
its not either funky or zen
but it's a tradition in our town.

every year in the midst
of our beautifully manicured
garden roundabout...

it sits up on its own high pole
dominating the intersection!

i wonder how many generations of children
have gazed up at this tree,
thinking to themselves...'it can't be long now 'til Christmas!'
and getting a jump of excitement on the inside.

i took this picture this morning
at 7 am
in the fresh morning sunshine
before the day got going.

i didn't want to be in trouble
for taking pics inadvertantly of number plates and faces of strangers...
and posting them on this 'great world stage'!

so the intersection was empty
and peaceful
and just a bit Christmassy!

what Christmas decorating has your town done on tuesday?

naturally Carol xox

ps. Christmas Hearts is coming to a post here soon!


  1. We just had a huge dump of snow - that's more than Christmassy enough for me ... although I'd rather be anywhere warmer!!

  2. I love it! I've never seen a tree up so high - what a beautiful photo you took!

  3. I've never seen a tree on a pole before... this is so interesting! Love seeing pictures of your town. My town has a tree all lit up, but that's about it.

  4. What a gorgeous looking little town!! It looks so sweet and peaceful...and festive :-)

  5. I have never seen a tree like that before! how lovely and the street looks peaceful and bright. Great shots. Naomi x

  6. I love how pretty much every town puts up decorations for Christmas. A tree on a pole is unique but I guess that's all part of the Christmas spirit.


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