Friday, January 28, 2011

Just One More...


how did you know?

i am beginning to think i am boring you silly
with my cushions!
i am driven by the picture in my mind
of all those people who have lost everything in those floods
and have to restart their lives materially...

it is a perplexing thing to think about though
because i know that in brazil they have lost hundreds of people recently in floods too...
and there are so many disasters around the world
where people lose their homes.

and i wonder
how then can i ask people in other countries to contribute to queensland
when we are so much better off
than a lot of countries.

but i can't really do anything to help them..
i have to do what i can
with what is in my hand
and help those i know how to help...

if only in a very small way.

i hope they will see the kind intentions of our hearts
and know that we care!

we can't fix the world
only God can do that...and He has through sending Jesus!
if only people would listen to Him...
but they go their own way...that is free will!

i can only do my bit...
the bit that He has placed on my heart...
and that
is enough for Him.

deep thoughts today...

i am thinking though that i will have a give away apron when i get to a hundred followers...
i'll make one this weekend just in case i get there!...not so deep a thought!!

have a wonderful weekend!

with love
naturally Carol xox

if you would like to join me in making a cushion cover or two please leave a comment or email me and i will get back to you...thanks!


  1. Hi Carol, I think I will have a go - - let me know what would be good size wise and the address to post to :-) xx

  2. You are at the one hundred....
    Wooooo Hooooooooooo Ozzie Rooo...
    I enjoyed your visit today..
    May The Lord Bless thee mightily. xxx

  3. Oh I see that you are at hundred!!
    So sorry this week has been such a shamozal - will get onto my cushion next week (even have the design all worked out!)

  4. Looks like you made it to 100 ... how great is that. I agree, it's all a bit mind boggling - such great hardship. But you're right - you are doing something - and that is wonderful :) Keep up the awesome work - with the cushions and your blog Carol!

  5. Hi Carol, no you're not boring us with the cushions, keep them coming :-) They are all so beautiful, I really enjoy seeing what you create.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  6. I won! I am so happy about that! I will make the transefere on the 12th of feb. Bundle will be perfect for our light evening summers here in Norway. Outside with lots of candlelight. The sun does not set until 11 at night... awww. I cant wait! <3

  7. Hello, I just started following your blog yesterday. I just love your cushions, they are just wonderful. Love your blog too!

  8. You are on a roll! I can't believe how many cushions you've made! And congrats on 100!!!

  9. Beeeaaauuuutiful again Carol! If your sewing room is full of so lovely fabrics I would love to see it! Really...not so bad idea to share more often our work space! I enjoy everytime to see your crafts!
    Have a lovely time! Teje

  10. Gorgeous, as always!! ;-)

    You made it to 100 followers!!!!! Congratulations! Celebrate!

  11. Wow great cushion covers. I also love cushions. Will have to keep a closer eye on you. Charmaine

  12. I love your cushions, especially the first one - just lovely.
    You can tell you are having fun making them :)]
    Nice to meet you, and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.

  13. I love your cushions and never get sick of looking at them. And if you visited my house, you would see that I'm just as obsessed with them. I just counted 10 cushions in the lounge room... xx

  14. I can't believe all the beautiful fabrics you have! I wish we had that many options in the stores in our town. Your cushions are made with love and I know whomever receives them will be able to tell!!!


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