Monday, January 24, 2011

New York! New York!

good morning
my internet connection was on the blink on saturday night,
then again last night
so i'm not risking it going off again
i'll post this as soon as i can..
making hay while the sun to speak!

i completed 'miss central park' today
{the second in my New York series}
so she was displayed on the black couch!

here's a close shot of the people in the park...

check out all those little people rowing their boats on the lake
and the others gawking at them from the bridge...
and those georgeous stylish trees!

the back is similar to the 'mr rockafeller's'
the selvedge looks a bit odd here...but does look better in real life.

here sits 'miss central park'
keeping 'mr rockafeller' company
in the front room.

sunshine or rain
snow, fog or stormy weather
i hope your hearts stay warm
and your mind  free to be creative...

enjoy your monday

naturally Carol xox


  1. What fantastic fabric... and I love the button closures - they look fantastic! (oh... and not sure if its new or I've only just noticed - but I love your blog background!)
    The Spangler @
    The Quick Unpick

  2. So gorgeous. We wallpapered our living room with the streets of New York. Kind of a way to keep the dream of going there alive.

  3. Carol - think you've gone cushion mad! No - they are all so beautiful.

  4. You've made a lovely cushion from this great fabric!Great idea Carol!

  5. Another great cushion, Carol. I particularly like the fabric that you've backed this with.

  6. I like the detail in the fabric, but most of all the choice of colour. Really nice work. Julie.C

  7. You do find the most amazing fabrics, Carol!! And you are very professional at sewing too! Have a good week. Helen x

  8. Hello Carol! They are adorable couple! You have became professional with perfect pillows!
    I love always your beautiful fabrics and colours!
    Have a lovely week! xxx Teje

  9. Sorry if I haven't been to visit any of you internet connection went on the blink from Sat afternoon. Had limited connectivity on Sunday and 10 mins on Monday! It has just resumed again...for how long? I hope it stays on! I'll post again tomorrow. More cushions..for flood affected people in Queensland...if you want to join in see post from Jan 14th for details.

  10. I am loving that fabric, Carol. Gorgeous! It's such a unique shade of green. Love it!

  11. Cushions are great aren't they...brightening up spaces in our rooms. That fabric is great!

  12. That's a darling pillow! I love the details!


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