Tuesday, January 18, 2011


hi...today has been a hot humid sunny day
and we've just had a thunderstorm!

so glad to cool down a bit...
nice of the sun to pop in though this summer!

i made this apron over a week ago..
but with one event after another
just didn't have the heart to show you last week.

the design is a slightly modified amy butler...

cutting out was the hardest part...

getting the rows of flowers just right
and the dots!

the back...i love a generous tie,
in fact
i always use the whole width of the fabric per tie...
that way they can be tied around the front
if that's the way you choose to wear it.

showing the teatowel loop..
very handy when baking.

the pocket...could be a little bigger
...next time!

using the selvedge
to give miss apron a 'sweet' name!

'Y'...as in 'why?'
i can't resist a comment
as my regular readers will know...
i leave a trail of them,

just a note...a bit of a p.s really...
if you want to make a cushion to give to a flood affected person or family...
see yesterdays post for details.
leave a comment or send me an email for an address to send one to!

i'd love you to join me

naturally Carol xox


  1. It's beautiful, you've done a lovely job. Gorgeous fabric & I love the tea towel loop!

  2. Got your message ;)
    Great apron Carol!!

  3. Carol, this is gorgeous. I've got so much catching up to do on your blog but my computer keeps crashing, will email you xx

  4. such a pretty apron Carol. I adore the fabric xx You are very clever.

    I'm glad the sun is out.

    Kellie x

  5. Stunning! And one of my 'paying it forward' recipients has requested an apron. I may just have found my inspiration... Thank you!

  6. Love the fabric... and the use of the Selvedge - just brilliant!!!

    Have been making cushion covers at the moment... so drop me an email with suggested dimensions and an address to post to and I'll see what I can whip up!

  7. Another lovely apron, Carol!

    You've made me laugh this morning!! Maybe our family isn't typically British ... my sister lives in NSW and my husband and I simply go wherever the work is - we move every 2-3 years which is nice because you get a good sense of a place, but if it isn't our cup of tea, it isn't forever.

    Canada is OK - it's easy to live here, but the weather really isn't for me!! I have to hibernate in winter. That said, if we hadn't moved here and had such cold winters, I may never have dusted off my sewing machine!

    How is your daughter coping with the cold / snow? Hope she is enjoying life.

  8. Yet another gorgeous apron! I love these! You really should sell them, Carol. They are beautiful. Great fabric combination, and I love that tea towel loop.

  9. I love that apron! I agree with Gwen, you should really set up an etsy account. I'd buy that one for sure.

  10. I love this apron. Gorgeous fabric and with all of the apron requirements - a pocket and tea towel loop. Just love it!

    I have just mentioned your pillow collection on my latest blog post (will add aprons) Thanks for mentioning me:)

  11. so lovely, and I'm sure the cushions will provide real comfort for those in need. xxx fantastic idea

  12. LOVE it!! How do you do the pleats?

  13. this is just so pretty! love how you used the selvedge for the name! adorable!



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