Saturday, January 22, 2011

Simone and her Mates!

today i'm grateful for
from 'beach vintage'
and her mates
have been taking bottles of water
and rolls and fruit
and other goodies
flood affected suburbs in brizzie;
handing them out to residents, volunteers and other workers
to relieve their hunger and thirst and give comfort and support!

i am in awe of her actions...
taking several days off work
and just getting out there where she is needed.

to see what she was doing this week
make a donation to the work
if you want to...

i made a cushion for me...
after making them all week to give away
it was my turn!

i have had this fabric for a month or two
and i didn't think i would cut into it...
if i don't enjoy it
what's the point in having it!!

retro new york...the rockefeller centre...
check out those cute little umbrellas and tables and chairs
and people...

just me
i love the geometrical forms of the sky scrapers too!

the 'nicey jane' ...'lemongrass'
it featured the perfect shade of olive...

black buttons with a reptilian texture...
ha! ha!...buttonholes again!

this chair will be 'mr rockafeller's' home...

in my front room...
soon he will have 'miss central park'
to keep him company.

i'll tell you when she arrives!

kara is keeping a very close eye,
{you would think that her body is relaxed,
but no!
look at those radar ears and bright eyes}
on my and mr p
mr m {the master}
is in brisbane this weekend.

i'm linking up with 'maxabella loves' today...
being grateful saturday!

have a great weekend

naturally Carol xox

ps..the links to 'beach vintage' blog and 'maxabella loves' blog should be different colours...the link is there but the colour to show them up as different keeps disappearing...why?  who knows!!


  1. I'm also following you. I'm madly in love with your cushions as well. They're so beautifully made and loved as well. And Simone sound like a really good person.

  2. Oooo, I love New York! One of my favourite cities to visit.
    The colours go really well in that room...lovely cool greens

    All the amazing work so many people are doing to help those in flood affected areas is truely inspiring, isn't it? Makes you really love this country :-)

    hope you have a great weekend

  3. Loving your friends who make things, and you who makes gorgeous things for you (finally). You deserve to make a cushion just for you, and you've put it in the perfect place. So cute! xx

  4. WOW you have been buissy this week Carol! I have been on the westcoast for my interview. I have been "down" with the flu as well.
    The NY cushion is lovely, totally agree on your review on that. And I also love love love your strawberry cushions!

    I tried to find the actionpost to see how that went. Have I been overbidded or did I win?

    I got the job! :D The letter came yesterday...

    I'm glad to be back and following you and your friends work and see how you all are getting back to normal.

  5. So many inspiring people helping in such amazing ways.

    I love this cushion Carol. Woweee, you have had a busy week. Would love to have a peek at how you make these...

    Such a beautiful green on your walls in your room.

    Hope you are having a good weekend.

    Kellie xx

  6. Wow, people like Simone are so inspirational. What a good, practical way to help. Clever.

    The cushion is fab, Carol. I wish I could sew like you can. I have so many ideas but none of the skills I need to bring them to fruition. Must do better!! x

  7. Love your cushion! what cool fabric.

  8. it sounds like everyone had a great time. Well deserved.

  9. I love your grateful posts Carol.
    It's heartwarming to hear of such good works.
    I love your NY cushion ...and how you use the bit most normally scrap the bit that tells the colours/manufacturer.Perfect placement.

  10. I've been following Simone's blog-she's a gem..xx

  11. Love that NYC fabric! I've never seen it before. It's so neat! Another great cushion, Carol.

  12. LOVE that fabric! Thanks for sharing all the service/love that's happening at your end of the world--it is so nice to read about.

  13. Love that fabric! Your work is beautiful!

  14. What a fun and gorgeous pillow! You are so amazingly creative! Can't wait to see the match. ;-)

  15. Hi Carol! Mr. Rockafeller is just wonderful and the place in that chair is like made for it! And if he's going to have even company - your corner will be so nice!
    Kara looks lovely - but surely taking care of the smallest noises around the house! Give her a big hug!
    I wish you wonderful weekend! xxx Teje
    Ps. I have used now also buttons for the pillows - thank you for engouraging me - I was affraid they don't come well enough, but they are okey.

  16. What a funky cushion, love the fabric and those buttons are super cute ☼

  17. Hi carol, the cushion looks just great in your home!! Very chic!!!
    laura c xx

  18. I love all your cushions!! I have found you need to colour the rod before you make it a link then the colour stays. :-)

  19. Hi Carol!
    Such a beautiful post! The cushion looks gorgeous! I love the fabric, the buttons, and the colors! It's fabulous!
    Have a wonderful Sunday!!!
    LS, xxx

  20. Hello Carol,

    very nice.
    The cushing is so fresh with teh calors.

    I like it!!!!!

    greatings send you Conny

  21. Hi Carol....I missed this post! Thanks so so much for the mention and helping out! xx


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