Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

to the most beautiful bride in the world
and the most handsome groom ever...

in 1957
54 years ago...

my mum and dad...joan and mike
{being an australian and a new zealander respectively}
while dad was cycling from one end of the british isles to the other
with his friend murray...
and mum was on her big european hitch hiking working holiday
with her bestie hazel...

one day coincidentally they were both in st andrews in scotland
 picking up potatoes from behind a tractor
when they met...
i'm sure it would have been love at first sight and fireworks for both of them!!

dad went to london for a period
mum went back to australia and did some teaching
planning a wedding and inviting the rellies!
some months later...
they were reunited five days before the wedding
and were married at st james anglican church
in the city of toowoomba,
south east queensland, australia

i am told {by a reputable source}
that after the ceremony
they honeymooned  at southport on the gold coast
for 4 days...
and then at binnaburra in the gold coast hinterland
for 10 days!

they then took a bus back to sydney
where they
sailed to auckland, new zealand
had three of the most gifted children you'll ever meet
lived happily ever after!!!

her favourite flowers
are still daisies
{and they're mine too!}

naturally Carol 

x    x

ps...if there are any errors in content the author does take responsibility...parties that know better are advised to contact said author and article will be edited accordingly!!!  


  1. How wonderful, all the best to your mum and dad.I love daisies too..xx

  2. I like the dress! Such gorgeous classic lacyness...

  3. Hello Carol! What a beautiful romance! Congratulations for their anniversary! I love daisies, too and I see them on that lovely dress!
    Thank you for sharing this unique story!
    xxx Teje

  4. Congratulations on their anniversary! You told their story beautifully.

  5. they really are a beautiful couple aren't they!!
    happy anniversary :-)

  6. What a lovely heartfelt story - Happy anniversary to them both! x

  7. Lovely photograph, they look a wonderful couple.

  8. Wow! What a great story. Hearing someone's love story is one of my favorite things! Thanks for sharing, and Happy Anniversary to them!

  9. so precious - love the vintage photograph :)

  10. Very lovely... your mother looks so beautiful and truly a very smart couple it is ... do you also have the same eyes like your mother?
    Happy New Year


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