Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Summertime on Australia Day...

it's australia day!

happy australia day
to aussies everywhere!

i'm off to a barbie {bbq} for dinner
to celebrate this wide brown land of ours...
a land of flooding plains...
as we have recently been reminded about!

still making cushions for flood affected people

this is the front of 'summertime'...

loving the spots...dots...multicoloured dotty bits of colour...scrumptious!

just a 'summertime' selvedge and a square red button...

please excuse me
i am rushing today...
i now think it is my modem overheating that causes the internet to go off!

so i'm posting this as soon as humanly possible...
please forgive any spelling or grammatical errors that may occur in my haste.

have a wonderful aussie day wednesday!
remember the aeroguard if you're outside bbqing...

naturally Carol xox

want to make cushions for flood affected people in australia...
please leave a comment or send me an email....thanks.


  1. What a cutie cushion! I just love the polka dots and the "baskets"/"flowers" together!!

    Enjoy the barbie! ;-)

  2. Happy Australia Day!!! I hope you have a wonderful time at the barbie...I love a good barbie! Your cushions are just lovely.

    Due to some remodeling around our home I am unable to help out but I would love to send some fabric for some one to make one or two.
    Let me know if that would be helpful.

    Enjoy your day!

  3. cute one ... pleasant and lively

  4. Well done Carol. I admire your work but even more so, I admire your beautiful giving heart.
    Happy Ozzie day to you my friend!
    We are having snags LOL xx

  5. Happy Australia Day, Carol! I love this bright cushion, so gorgeous. I love using selvedge too, it's nice to see how you incorporate it into your designs in such a decorative way. Helen x

  6. Awesome fabrics and I love your button detail on your tags! Please add this to the linky party today!

  7. Hello Carol,

    houw are you?
    I hope good...

    Your cushion is so lovly.

    Enjoy your day and the bbq!


  8. Happy Belated Australia Day, Carol! Hope you enjoyed your BBQ. I am loving "Summertime". Beautiful!


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