Monday, January 31, 2011


good morning!

i am totally blown away
by your friendship and response yesterday!
thank you...
i am already enjoying all the new sites to visit and comment on!

as promised
i am giving away an apron
to celebrate the goodness of friendship....

have a look at these...they've both already been featured here.

and choose one

'happy daisy' is the blue one and 'meadowsweet' is the orangey one!

the back of  'happy daisy'

the back of 'meadowsweet'!

you wouldn't believe the trouble i have just had downloading these three pictures..
the modem was overheating so intermittently dropped out my internet connection...
my security firewall wouldn't give me access to my own pictures!
and in the end i had to download a different picture to the one i took this morning...
the trials of the internet...
i should have had this post up over an hour ago!

anyway back to the giveaway...

choose the one you like best,
leave a comment on this post...

if you are a follower/friend it will count as two chances...
if you are a casual commenter it will count as one chance.

the winner will be picked randomly on friday

i will send the winner the apron they liked the most!

i will contact you by email and on your blog if you have one...
so if you don't have a blog make sure your comment contains your email address.

all are welcome to enter!

best of luck...

naturally Carol xox



  1. Ohhh very perty!

    I am a follower friend. They are both gorgeous but my fav is the blue one :]

  2. They are both adorable Carol. But if I HAVE to choose, I'd prefer the Happy Daisy apron!

  3. Both are great, but I like Meadowsweet best. Congratulations on having more than 100 followers!

  4. ooooohhh, clever Carol, they are both adorable. Think I have a soft spot for 'Medowsweet". Congrats on your fabulous 100 followers. Now 113! xoxox

  5. Oooh, this is exciting! I do love them both, but I guess if I was to be lucky enough I'd choose the very pretty meadowsweet!

  6. Carol,you're so clever..The Meadowsweet is just too cute..Always love dropping by..xx

  7. Wow Carol, clever you! I love the Happy Daisy!

  8. excited for you and your new followers! You are just the sweetest. Those two aprons are very bright and bubbly and would bless anyone! Hope you had a sweet week end. The concert was AMAZING!


  9. Oh how cool! I love them both, but I think I'd have to choose Happy Daisy as it would be perfect for market days.

  10. Ah!! I love them! You always do such beautiful work!

    ...huh, it's a tough call, but I think I like Meadowsweet. They're both so fun and cheery!

    Thanks for the chance to win! What a fun giveaway.

  11. They are beautiful Carol. I love the orange/pink best. Said it before and I'll say it again - you're a clever lady.

  12. Wish I could sew. These are lovely. I could see my myself wearing the meadowsweet one in my kitchen.....

  13. They are both beautiful! I like the blue one, I am really enjoying your bolg!

  14. Congrats on reaching (and surpassing) your 100 follower aim!
    Both your aprons are lovely - still absolutely adore your use of the selvedges! Am particularily loving the meadowsweet!
    If you get a chance stop by and enter my $30 Voucher giveaway The Quick Unpick Follower Giveaway
    The Spangler

  15. So pretty! I love the red one best. Incidentally, I have one cushion finished but am halfway through its matching friend, will hopefully have it done in a few days and then will post them to you. I have plans for a few more but will send these two off once they are done.

  16. Internet is a gorgeous thing, but sometimes, it can really be a nuisance. I love the blue apron, not only for the colours, but certainly too for its name: Happy Daisy. I would love a chance (or two, since I'm a follower), to win this.
    have a nice week, Dorien

  17. Made my way here from BlogLove and now following you! Both of these are gorgeous! I am loving the meadowsweet.

  18. Pretty Carol. I am in love with aprons, may be my next project inspired by you...
    Hope you would like to spare a little bit of your time for me sure you will enjoy

  19. Wow Carol - you're friends count has hit 118! Nice :-)
    I'd love to enter your give-away...and I would choose the blue 'happy daisy' one!

  20. What a fun giveaway! I love following your blog and appreciate all your comments on mine! I think I like the cute little blue one best!

  21. I'd love to own the Meadowssweet! Fingers crossed!

  22. I love the meadowsweet! Two chances on me since I am also a follower <3

  23. Hello Carol! I love all your beautiful aprons - but blue is always blue - so I would choose Happy Daisy! Also I prefer short aprons.
    I can imagine what you went through with your computer, mine is soooo soooo slow that I need always ages to make my post and photos. If it would be quicker, I would write to you every day!
    I wish you have sunny and lovely week!
    xxx Teje

  24. Oh Carol, you take me back in time. I always wore an apron..I guess we(I) have forgotten to be women. They keep you from getting messy especially if dressed to go out and still rushing around at the last moment. Blessings friend. Crystal xx

  25. Carol, they are both precious! I collect vintage aprons, so I'd love to add one of these vintage-inspired ones to my collection :) I think I like Meadowsweet best. Your blog looks just wonderful, by the way!

  26. You're lovely to have a giveaway, Carol and an apron is perfect. I wear them all the tiem. Meadowsweet is perfect for me. Love the colour, design and length!! x

  27. I like Happy Daisy best, but they are both beautiful.

  28. Are you SURE you want to give either of these away?
    They're gorgeous Carol...
    I love Meadowsweet the best!

    Already blessed to be your friend and have your gorgeous sewing for inspiration!

  29. Meadowsweet, you would look soooo good in the kitchen at the Red Farmhouse. Make sure Carol picks me and I won't wipe my dirty hands on you! Well, maybe just a little. ;)

  30. They are sooo cute and retro! Gorgeous. I would wear Meadowsweet out of the house as a funky overskirt, so I would love to win that one :)

  31. They are both gorgeous, I love the meadowsweet and think the pleats are very flattering!

  32. Oh how adorably lovely I just heart these aprons!

    I love both but if I had to chose I would choose the meadowsweet.

    I love your blog, Thank you for joining bloglove x

    Ain't blogging fun!!!
    put me down for the meadowsweet sweetie!
    Irene x

  34. they are both gorgeous but if I had to choose meadowsweet it would be xx

  35. I can't believe I missed this post until today! Just goes to show how crazy my week has been! It is a really tough choice but I think my pick is happy daisy. They are both so lovely though! :)


i am delighted that you care enough to comment..i love to read each one of them..thank you!