Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Crazy for Dots & Stripes!


we've had a bit of everything weatherwise this morning..
sunshine and rain
heat and humidity
cool breezes and stillness!

i saw these outside my bedroom window this morning
and just had to show you...

don't they look a picture?

i made two 'crazy for dots & stripes' cushions on the weekend,
one on saturday and one on sunday.
i am going to show them to you interspersed with more photos
of my beautiful pink crepe myrtle...

both displayed 'on the black couch'...

the embroidered tag..plus a few odd threads...on the front of  'mr big stripes'...

the back of 'mr big stripes'

fresh after morning rain...

the front of 'miss crazy for stripes'

the back of 'miss crazy for stripes'...
i had to insert a panel of spots...'cos i didn't have quite enough fabric!

a spray of flowers in the sunshine!

spots and stripes tag on the front of the little cushion...
check out the ladybird on the table!

now i had a bit of fun with this photo,
it wasn't quite in focus...so i chrystallised it!

a little chrystal effect...
i couldn't resist the colours...that deep pink contrasts with the pale blue...
like wallpaper really!

if you want to enter my apron giveaway
go back to yesterday's post and leave a comment to choose the prize you would prefer.
one entry for each comment
an extra entry for my 'friends' {followers}!

a big hug and welcome to all my new friends
and 'hello' to any browsers out there!

if you would like to join with me and make cushions for the flood affected people of queensland
please send me an email...we would love to have you on board!

is dollar movie day at our local dvd shop..
so i'm off to find a chick flick for the afternoon...
and cut out a new cushion!

naturally Carol xox


  1. what a gorgeous view from your bedroom, love your cushions too..

  2. Hi Carol - the cushions are looking wonderful... and the mrytle is just stunning against what looks a perfect sky!
    Apologies for delay in sending the cushions - they were sent yesterday (a week late!... there's a strike already against one of my resolutions to be more organised this year!) Hope they get to you soon (tried sending email but my email is giving me grief at the moment and delaying delivery of sent mail for some reason?!?)
    Take care
    The Spangler

  3. Lovely pictures, Carol. I love the strip of polka dots you added to "miss crazy for stripes"... it looks perfect!

    I visited my mother over the weekend and she is making two cushion covers to send along with the ones that I will be making:)

  4. I'm so jealous of those Crepe Myrtles! A huge snow storm is blowing in here.

  5. wow I love the Miss Stripes. Lovely flowers to have outside your window. School goes back this Friday here in Melbourne so can't wait to start sewing again. Charmaine

  6. I just LOVE the colors on these!! The stripes and dots are so fun and cheerful!

  7. Wow! The cushion looks gorgeous, and the colors, the buttons as well!!! I also love the beautiful fresh flowers!

  8. Hi, Yes Carol, The Mary I spoke of is you..
    You have one of the most beautiful souls.I sometimes get told things for people yet rarely tell them. Mostly I pray. Ps Henry told me I have the gift of prophesy? I had thought of it as the gift of decernment. xx

  9. The cushions are so cheery..$1 dvds,how good is that!..xx

  10. Those stripes are one of my favourite colour combos of all time - just gorgeous!

  11. What lovely happy cushions Carol.
    Hope you are high and dry up there. Shocking weather, take care. Deb

  12. love the way you've put the done the stripes across the back of mr big stripes the other way - very effective touch :-)

  13. The weather sounds just lovely, Beautiful pictures too!

    Love the cushions! The strips make me think of summer. :) (Here it is still pretty cold)

  14. I am longing for warm weather...we had an ice storm last night, brrr! We had crepe myrtles in our frond yard when I lived in South Carolina, i love them! Beautiful pictures and love the pillows!! I love orange and pink together.

  15. Lovely sunny photos! We're on snow storm alert - could get up to 30 centimetres tonight and tomorrow - your photos make me feel just a little bit warmer!

  16. Beautiful flowers and beautiful cushions. And thanks for the sunshine, it's needed!

  17. How simple, I love them! And the fun backs make them reversible. :)

  18. Love your cushions! Wish I had those flowers outside my window....

  19. How I wish I could wake up to a view like that!

  20. What cute pillows! I just love the colors and the stripes and the dots and your button closures...oh and the tags. Guess I love it all!


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